February 24th, 2008

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Darling Prince

So I'm watching Purple Rain on VH1. One of my fav music movies ever, but admittedly one that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Example: Rivals, his girlfriend, fans and management rolling their eyes and dissing him for playing music nobody likes. But... he's just played "Darling Nikki," a song which most certainly (neither then nor now) sucks. But I guess he had to pick some song for that scene. Meanwhile? Right before the commercial break, Prince wakes up topless, covered in sweat, lying on his dad's music and the wreckage of the basement, which he's just busted up after his dad shot himself in the head. All I know is, the music, Prince's outlandish clothes, and I guess Morris Day is the reason to watch, not the plot.
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Beautiful Dog Alert

So today after writer's group, Amanda and I went over to Whole Foods for lunch. But of course I had to drag us over to Petsmart, where they were having their weekend dog adoption event, per usual. Amanda nearly wound up fostering this sweetie... while I meanwhile got fixated on this beauty:

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Aside from the silly name they'd given him -- Anderson Cooper! -- gorgeous, gorgeous dog, and so sweet. I love, love the long fur. Not the most practical thing ever, but ooh, pretty as all get out. I so wanted to take him out for a run, you could tell he wanted out so bad. I hope he doesn't have to wait to long for somebody to take him home!