February 27th, 2008

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To Boldly Go Where No Van Has Gone Before?

So tonight I was walking home from Caleb's and I noticed a truck parked on Cone Street.

At first I wasn't sure why I found myself staring at it, but then I noticed the business sign on the side:


Inside joke? Or just random business naming? I prefer the former explanation.

And yes, I did find the company's web site, and I know it's them because I remember the ad on the side said Goshen, Indiana.

Not quite as funny as the time I worked for a company called Matrix whose slogan was "Advancing Technology Through People," but still funny.
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Cat Nanny

Luckie is EXTREMELY upset that I'm not in bed yet.

OMG, she is having a fit.

Keeps running up to me in the office and making high-pitched whiny noises, scratching the side of the chair, jumping up to headbutt me.

Then when she goes away, she keeps staring at me from the other room and if I even turn that way slightly, she runs around in a circle whining.

She just squeaked. And is sneaking up on me from behind. No, wait, she's here at my feet, trying to drag me off.

OK, OK, I'll go to bed.
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Chris, My Project Runway Hero

*** WARNING: Spoilers for tonight's show***

Anyway who knows me know that


Seriously. That dress with the safety pins and all that HUMAN HAIR was friggin' awesome, gorgeous, and deserves to be in a Tim Burton movie and several goth mags, at the very least. I loved ALL THREE of his chosen looks and the other 9 pieces as well.

Rami's gown was, admittedly, amazing, although it did remind me of Christian's earlier peanut-butter-cup dress from the Hershey's chocolate challenge. The black and white asymetrical dress was OK but I'm not too keen on bare-shouldered strapless dresses or that type of top, just because they tend to look wrong on a lot of women. And for that coat... well, the model looked really uncomfortable, buried in layers of stuff, and hiding behind that huge collar, like she had acne on her neck or something. It was all very well done, but still...


But Rami won and gets to go to Bryant Park.

That said, the BravoTV web site offers "runway" shots of ALL Chris' things here and from that I clipped my personal favs, all except one of which I would WEAR. (In fact I have *worn* outfit #1 many times, just done out of ready-mades, not something custom-sewn. With a velvet hat with feathers. And, OK, no human hair.) The one I wouldn't wear is the 1920s flapper dress, b/c you can't wear it unless you're flat-chested. Plus the color of the top is way too close to my actual skin color.

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Bravo Chris, bravo all. And in the end, I hope Christian wins. His clothes, I don't know if I could or would wear so much, but I love them.