February 28th, 2008

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Missing Keys

So unlike some folks, I tend to get a lot of years out of my computers, so the keys tend to wear off my keyboard. Actually with this current one, I had worn some off within six months. I think it's about two years old now... maybe coming on three. Several keys are actually *eroded*, with gouges in them shaped like my fingerpads!

Anyway, here's what's missing:

E* A* S* D F L C* B N M

* gouged

Explanations can be found in sheer occurrence of letters (E, N, M), and in my use of keyboard shortcuts (Bold, Save, Copy, Select All). All but couple of the missing are left-hand keys, so either the QUERTY keyboard and shortcuts favor the left hand or I pound hard with that hand.
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So Caleb calls me and has something URGENT. I'm thinking it's more work, like some ASAP update to his company's web site or I have to go check a bus schedule so he can catch it home from somewhere.

But no, it's good news -- airfare sale! US Air is apparently have a 24-hr. sale where it's like $120 RT all over the place. So I check Boston and hey, whadya know, it's true. Called Mom, who was THRILLED to hear me talking about visiting first weekend in April, and then I swiftly bought my tickets.

All told, it was $165 total, including tax, which is insane. It was over $400 at Christmas -- Mom and Dad paid half the fare, they were so mortified by the price.

Anyway, I decided to take off for a four-day weekend, both a Friday and a Monday. At LAST, I have enough vacation and sick I don't have to worry about it so I'm going to spend lovely time with the parents. Mom is bummed it'll still be winter then (technically not, but um, winter doesn't really end 'til May there), so no trip to the botanical garden in Worcester, but I don't really concern myself with weather.

So excited, always feel sooooooo guilty and homesick and momanddadsick if I can't visit in the spring / early summer and it didn't look like I'd be able to.