February 29th, 2008

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Writer's Block: Take a Leap

What's the biggest leap of faith you've ever had to take?

Not to be too literal about "leaping," but the trip I took to Germany as a teenager. On my own, without any family, for the first time ever. I was going to be staying with people I didn't know (aside from Carola, who my family had hosted the previous spring) in a strange place. At least I knew the language! That summer turned out to be the greatest thing I ever did, changed my whole life, but if I'd been afraid to do something drastic, it would never have happened.

Other leaps of faith: deciding to go down to Georgia, getting into Reiki, quitting my job to do freelance.

I know what you're up to, CAT!

It's striking to me how many routines Luckie has developed -- things she consistently does in specific situations. She's as reliable as a clock in some regards, so much so that when she's off, it throws me off as well.

A few of the "routines":

  1. I get home from work and Luckie is lying in the middle of the couch, right on the crack between the pillows. She rolls onto her back for an elaborate stretch.

  2. I'm working at my desk and the middle drawer is open. Luckie walks under the desk and climbs up behind the bottom drawer so she can sleep in it. There is much rustling of paper.

  3. I wake up, hit Snooze 2-3 times, then turn off the alarm clock, lie back and quietly say "Luckie." A cat appears out of nowhere, with a whirring sound and a pushy attitude.

  4. Same as above, but after I call out a few times and Luckie doesn't appear, I know where she is: stretched out on top of the bird cage sunbathing... and too into it to bother coming to see me. (And if she doesn't come and I don't look for her, I will fall back to sleep!)

  5. The light goes out and I settle into bed. Within five minutes, but never immediately, there's a soft footfall on the bed and a whirring sound and Luckie flies up next to the pillow.

  6. Once on the bed, Luckie paws the edge of the blankets, wanting to be let under. I pull up a layer or two and Luckie goes under and licks herself for a minute, then jumps down again. She will reappear in ten minutes or so to hunker down to sleep for real, curled up against my hip.

  7. I go into the bathroom for a shower. Luckie follows me in as I undress, but disappears as soon as I make a move towards the shower. By the time I'm done, or at least right as I'm finishing, Luckie turns up and stares at me... or the water dripping down the sides of the shower?

  8. Late at night, if I'm using the toilet, Luckie will jump up on the bathtub. Sitting next to the shower, she lets her tail fall into the gap and somehow pretends it's a snake, then ends up fighting herself. Every. Time.

  9. I go over to the guinea pigs and pay attention to them, hunkering down to watch or taking a chair. If I do this for more than a couple of minutes, Luckie appears out of nowhere, jumping into the cage, attention seeking.

  10. If Caleb comes over with his attache case and actually touches it while visiting, Luckie tenses up, ready for the laser pointer, which he sometimes keeps in the bag. (Luckie also recognizes the word "red dot" and will get completely agitated if we say it in her presence.)

  11. Almost no matter how ornery and suspicious she's being around Caleb and Daniel, she will sneak over and sniff their shoes, either taken off and sitting around, or still on their feet.

  12. If I pull out a piece of luggage, Luckie goes right to it, deciding it's the most comfortable cat bed ever.