March 3rd, 2008

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My Weekend

I keep making random posts out of nowhere but not talking about what I've been DOING. That said... It's not much :) BUT for the record:

Friday night, Caleb and I went grocery shopping at Publix. Later he was going to come over but he didn't, so instead I watched the first Harry Potter movie.

Yesterday the boys and I went to Star Provisions for breakfast. Afterward I procrastinated on the tax prep 'til 3, then spent about 3 hours sorting receipts, doing spreadsheets and generally facing my demons. Then I started dinner, risotto, so Caleb could have food while he labored. He finished up my state and federal returns in about two hours. It was impressive. Meanwhile Daniel was there too, only not really since he was ill and when he wasn't passed on on the couch he was puking. After they'd left I amused myself with Scrabulous and crosswords 'til around 2 in the morning, as I recall.

Today was fun.

I've been thinking I want to get back into biking it warms up, so when Caleb called asking if I wanted to bike over to the pet boutique in Inman Park, I said heck yeah. Beautiful weather today. The shop was nice, then we went around the whole Inman Park Village development, which was looking kind of Truman Show-ish today. On the way back we stopped at this awesome bodego type place in the Old Fourth Ward (by Bil's, in fact). I had the BEST mango smoothie!

We took off home after that and I had some time to rest before going off to the first Dragon*Con staff meeting of the year. As always, I located Paul Cashman and we sat together. I had to tell my former track director Derek that I've decided to go to another track, to do something different. After the whole directors-pleading-for-staff spiel, I went up to the guy from the Art Show and signed up with them. The Art Show has actual shifts to their volunteering, imagine that! The job I thought sounded good was bid-inspector, which is walking around the show making sure the silent auction bids are happening as they should. And looking at all the art!

Building on an already good day, I cleaned up the main room afterward, even taking care of the filthy, filthy floor. I used a mop on the kitchen part of it. And vacuumed. My least favorite household chores (besides clearing away animal poop) are sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, so it felt like a big accomplishment. I watched the third Harry Potter movie as reward for good behavior. (Um, although it completely sucks compared to the book, mostly b/c it's so incoherent.)

Ah, well, another Sunday night, another night wishing I could postpone Monday.

Writer's Block: Grounded.

What was the last thing you were grounded for?

I've never been grounded in my life. The worst "punishment" I got from my parents was being sent to my room and a few spanks or threats of the hairbrush. My parents' idea, which my oldest sister I swear has spent a career studying academically, is that the more punishment and restrictions you put on a kid, the worse trouble they'll get into. So with me they were totally lax and outside of school (where I was a devil up through about age 13) I was pretty much angelic: no drugs, no alcohol, no borrowing the car w/o asking (no driving period), no dating, no staying out late, and perfect grades, all without threat of punishment or cash allowance.