March 4th, 2008

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Self-Pimp: My Latest Podcasts

In the past week I've produced two podcasts for work. Here they are!

Stop Stroke from Striking (MP3, 3:13 min., 3 MB)
Dr. Michael Frankel of the Stroke Center at Grady Memorial Hospital on recognizing the signs of stroke and knowing how to respond -- and save lives.

After Iraq: Treating PTSD (MP3, 3:58 min., 3.64 MB)
Dr. Barbara Rothbaum of Emory University talks about on a study that uses virtual reality therapy and D-cycloserine to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in Iraq combat veterans.

The podcast URL, to subscribe, is:

Considering this is basically a no-budget affair and I'm basically self-taught, pretty good!


On a related note, anybody interested in hearing about what my favorite (non-Emory, of course) podcasts are? I am a huge podcast fan and do have some favs. Currently Suicide Radio is a big one.