March 6th, 2008


eBay Spree in Reverse

After a break, I'm on another eBay sell-off tear. This is when I basically go around looking for stuff around the house that just isn't being properly used or appreciated.

Just now I listed: 1) paperback of classic Medieval lit, Parzival, 2) first edition hardcover of The Handmaid's Tale, 3) how-to book on making curtains, 4) pair of near-new saddle shoes and 5) 1960s Polaroid camera.

I actually have *five* 1960s Polaroid cameras, a result of my obsession with 1960s Polaroid camera cases, which I used as purses. I still think that is the best design and shape for a purse but alas, those camera cases kept falling apart on me. They're really just cardboard covered with a bit of plastic, not meant for continuous banging around. So I finally gave up on them. But somebody will love the cameras that (incidentally) came with the cases; they're all super-mod and the model is SWINGER :)

Anybody who wants to see the items up for sale can do so here.

I'll be posting more over the weekend, including a couple of afghans and a stuffed walrus.
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