March 8th, 2008

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5 Thingies

Going through the fridayfiver archives, I found this appealing set of q's.

1. Where do you like to walk?
Vibrant, urban cities with interesting architecture and good food, like Cologne, for example. Also woods and rocky (think: Maine) beaches.

2. What does your hair look like?
At the moment, short, black, pixie-ish.

3. What are you jealous of?
People who can open their windows and get fresh air.

4. What kind of promises do you make?
Too many.

5. What makes you stare?
Odd little things that other people seem to miss. Like the other day when I was walking on Clifton Rd. and saw a squirrel hauling a huge sheet of cardboard with the word "FRAGILE" on it. She took it up a tree with her, I guess to use in a nest. There were tons of people in the vicinity, but nobody else stopped on the sidewalk to stare. Another example was the time I noticed Santa riding on top of service truck on the tarmac at the airport. Nobody, not even little kids, seemed to notice! People just aren't very observant at times.