March 9th, 2008


Time change booboo

So I got up early today in order to read the book for Outworlders' book group. I read from 10 to 12:15 and go over halfway through. Then I got up to check the bus schedule online, to be sure I had the 110 schedule right... and noticed the time on my computer said 1:20. The meeting starts at 1. Ack, THE TIME CHANGE! Which my computer had automatically accounted for. So I actually had read from 11 to 1:15. And when I thought I had gotten up at 8, I had gotten up at 9. The confusion! So I sent an apologetic email to the book group and am now moving on. Maybe the first thing I should do is fix all the clocks.
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The Man Is SO Irritating

A while back I made a lengthy post about Caleb and the way he's always chastising me about my naps, waking me up and yelling at me for being asleep, accusing me of being lazy or being in need or exercise... or a whipping. Despite my efforts to ignore him, things are not getting better. He somehow finds it *offensive* that I refuse to follow his "rules" of sleep and that despite all the sleep, I'm frequently tired.

Case in point: Yesterday I slept a lot. In total, about 16 hours, which includes two naps. While I wonder myself how I can be so tired, it's basically my business, yes? Especially so since Caleb and Daniel were up in NYC for the weekend. What better day for me to sleep? When Caleb called last night and asked how his cat was, I said she was fine and we'd had a long nap together. "Wait, a nap? At my house? In my bed?" I told him I was really tired but had to feed the cat so I just came over and slept there. Mr. High Energy was baffled as to how I could be sleeping on a Saturday. But... it's Saturday! I'm not at work! I'm tiiiiiiiiiiired!

So. Anyway.

The boys got back to Atlanta this afternoon and around 5:30 we went out grocery shopping. On the way over I told Caleb how I've had such a bad headache. No response, because he thinks I make that up anyway. But then they were asking me about the "snowstorm" yesterday and I was like "Well, the sky had dandruff, but it wasn't really snow." I mentioned that I'd spent most of the day sleeping but that I had gone outside and looked out the window enough to know the weather. "Yeah, Wendy slept all yesterday, Daniel," Caleb says, with The Disapproving Voice. I don't shy away from this, so I was like, "Yeah, I slept late, got up, slept some more at Caleb's, then later had another nap." Caleb is furious, but keeps his temper under control.

It's in the grocery store parking lot that he flips out. We get out of the car and I stretch, sigh and rub my head, since I still have an awful headache. "What is your PROBLEM!?" he bursts out. "You are always so tired! And sleepy!" He then goes on about how I'm always giving excuses for why I'm tired -- tired from work, tired from depression, tired from having to run around -- but that on a day when he and Daniel were out of town, I was still "tired." Obviously I need to get out and exercise because it's just pathetic to sleep so much. How can somebody be tired all the time? And I was like, "I don't know... but I'm pretty tired, almost all the time. And since you were gone, I thought I could just SLEEP."

I was pretty steamed, especially since I hadn't even complained about being tired. I went up to Caleb in the grocery store and told him actually my main problem was that I had a bad headache and I wish he'd just shut UP about the sleeping.

Oh, and to add further ridiculousness to the situation, I swear the other night Caleb gave LUCKIE guff for sleeping. He called at like 9 and asked about her and I said she was asleep. "Asleep?! Cats don't sleep in the evening! What's wrong with her?" Because, you know, even when a cat sleeps, it's morally wrong.