March 10th, 2008


Corn Casserole

I made a Yummy Thing for dinner tonight. I approached the making of dinner only knowing I had a thing of tofu I needed to use within a week. Then I look in one of my fav Moosebook cookbooks and found a Chilean-inspired corn and tofu casserole. Basically you saute onions, garlic and tofu in paprika, cumin and pepper, put it in a dish with raisins and boiled egg, then pour a puree of corn and egg over it. Bake it and you've got a casserole with this sort of corn omelet on top. It's very yummy.
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Cute Overload on Nick Jr.

The boys and I discovered this show tonight while channel-surfing.

Wonder Pets

It is entirely too cute -- and one of the "stars" is this guinea pig Linny who looks *just* like Abbie. And is a "Super Pet" who goes on heroic adventures with her buddies, a chickie and a turtle. The show seems very German, if you ask me.

If I had a kid, they would be allowed to watch this.

However, not good enough a reason to have a kid.