March 11th, 2008


Hobbies of Childhood

Got to thinking, and you know, I think our childhood hobbies are pretty good predictors of what we end up doing as adults.

I'm not just talking about somebody who likes sports growing up to be a personal trainer, but stuff that goes even beyond careers into areas like specialized skills, life-long passions, and matters of taste. For example, while it's true young Caleb was master planning communities as a young kid, it's also true he was obsessed with carnivorous plants, which if you think about it, is very Caleb. And of course he has a large carnivorous plant garden on his terrace even today.

With this thought in mind, here's a list of my chief hobbies as a kid. What were yours? I'm counting stuff up to around middle-school, because to me that represents the end of true childhood, but go however you want.


1. BASIC programming.
2. Computer games.
3. Photography.
4. Writing poetry.
5. Writing stories.
6. Writing scripts.
7. Art, esp. drawing and painting.
8. Acting.
9. Collecting wild animals, e.g. turtles, salamanders, toads, etc.
10. Camping.
11. Roaming around in the woods.
12. Planning interiors, floorplans.
13. Recording myself talking on a tape recorder.
14. Producing "radio shows" using my voice, radio and records.
15. Recording vinyl LPs onto tape.
16. Transcribing text out of library books.
17. Scrounging around the attic, basement.
18. Taking care of my dog.
19. Playing dress-up.
20. Reading reference books.
21. Cooking and baking.
22. Writing lists.

I'm serious about 22. When I was around 12 or 13 I had a thick folder just of lists of favorites, ideas, etc. I was really into cataloging. Which I think this post demonstrates is not a past hobby.