March 14th, 2008

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Satire: Bush Cancels Presidential Election

Why is it that satire is so often more accurate and useful at assessing the news of the world that actual NEWS is?

Bush Cancels Presidential Election [VIDEO]
At the advice of President Musharraf, Bush declares state of emergency and postpones coming election.

In this Bush parody, inspired by Musharraf, Bush decides to intervene in the 2008 election on his own behalf. It seems pretty funny but then it dawns on you that Bush would love to do this and stranger things have happened. Yikes. Anyway, check out the video to your right for more.

Thank you, Alternet, for realizing the value of satire.
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JustSayHi - Science Quiz

In fact I got all A's in science, except in chemistry, which I only got a B in, and that was with tons of help from my dad. I went into that class having not yet learned how to balance an equation.
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Yes, a tornado. Here. Right outside my window. I guess I was *in* it. Impressive amounts of wreckage. I saw a metal gutter, several blankets, a garbage can and god knows what else fly through the air. The ceiling lamps in our lobby shattered. The glass dome in our rotunda shattered. The windows in Caleb's building got sucked out. Paper's web site says the Capitol roof and the Georgia Dome (!) were hit. WTF?! There are alarms and sirens going off everywhere. More later.