March 17th, 2008

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Downtown on Monday: Still Under the Weather

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“Well, I want to make another report on down town at my neighborhood. I went out this morning to run some errands before going to work and I found things were a little more grim then I expected. There is a lot to clean up yesterday, but there is still a lot of things that are, are not right and are looking kinda grim. There's, there's charge of reflective glass on all of the side walks and there is lots of street light that aren't working and there ___ they've cut off car access to a bunch of streets cos they trying to do repairs or there unsafe buildings, you know they just don't want like big pieces of glass to fall on people. Some of the sky scrapers are starting to open like the offices but then parts aren't opened going to the actual building and I saw that the Starbucks is opened. So then I went to try to go Kinkos(?) in the same building to get my print order but with you know supposed to be ready on Saturday morning and the security is like, no they're closed you know, come back later. Our post office is opened but even in places were there hadn't been that much damage you see a lot of signs like there's, there's, there's glass like all over the sidewalks like it'll be a really bad time to walk around in bare feet. Also there is a field boundary line put for our neighborhood and the big crane that was near by, if so on Friday night and it's like mangled this, this ornament and it's like steal and like an inch thick or something and I couldn't figure out what could've done it and then Kalip(?) said yeah well that's with the cranes also yeah. So there is no kind of little signs and then there is a lot of traffic from all this, this destruction and people are probably better of staying home. Now I nearly having better of like leaving home cos I'm gonna go some place nice that's not messed up. So, that's my report it's getting better, it's ___.”

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Clarification - A crane fell Friday night and apparently messed up one of the decorative neighborhood boundary markers. It's about 10 ft. high with a sold base and then a cool sculpture made out of steel. It's all bent from the crane falling on it. (Nobody seems to be reporting on that crane falling but it did!)
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Pigs and Cat and Cat and Pigs

True story:

I got home and went to feed the piggies. Been trying to give them some more attention recently, so I decided to kneel down and feed them by hand, rather than just throwing the food in the cage and walking away. They ran up and started begging immediately.

And so did my cat.

Luckie always seem to get jealous when I pay attention to Abbie and YinYang. This time she jumped into the cage and sat on top of their little cabin.

And begged for food.

Luckie wanted the parsley I was giving them. She loves greens, especially parsley. I think half the reason is that she always thinks greens could turn out to be catnip :)

Anyway, there she is, nibbling on parley, while meanwhile the piggies are gobbling up their share, trying to steal Luckie's share: "Who are you to be eating OUR food?!"

When all the parsley was gone, Luckie was still sitting there, and I got up and grabbed her favorite cat treats. Tossed one near near her and she jumped down from the cabin and ate it. The piggies didn't give a care.

Then I threw one of the treats in the piggies food bowl. Luckie jumped over and was going to eat, only YinYang and Abbie were at the bowl, too, looking for the food.

Luckie kept trying to get the treat but was intimidated by... guinea pigs. Who certainly din't want the salmon cat treat. But Luckie doesn't know how to share, hasn't had to do it since she was a kitten nursing from her mom. I tried again, but she wouldn't eat when she had competition.

He he.