March 20th, 2008

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Nose Update

I meant to say earlier...

The whole nose operation (septoplasty) was a success!

My nose works better than it has in memory. Very clean, not clogged, no more waking up at 3 a.m. and having to chisel out the nose so I can breathe. No soreness, swelling, etc., from the operation. I'm getting all kinds of air I never had before.

The only side effect is that my nose makes a bit of a whistling noise, which I think only I notice. I had a follow-up yesterday and the doc said there's a tiny hole in my septum that's probably causing the whistle.

And bonus? My insurance covered the entire thing basically, minus a $100 copay.
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Pictures + Audio + Flash = Online Slide Shows

I still have much to learn, but my multimedia slide shows are getting better. I can put them together manually in Flash but they're usually pretty basic. I really wanted to get slick.

Here's one I made today, using photos and audio from a press conference yesterday. It's slick This guy, who just had a heart transplant like 10 days ago, was a HOOT.

Man Born at Emory University Hospital
Becomes Hospital's 500th Heart Transplant Patient

I built the slide show using this great Flash component called Slide Show Pro. It was only $30 and basically lets you create a fully customizable Flash slide show that uses ActionScript to interact with an XML file which in turn pulls in all your images, captions, audio, links, etc. So once you've create the "bones" of it, most changes are done by changing the XML file, not the Flash (although that's easy, too).

Here's another feature I built using the same technology, only this is a library of medical podcasts produced by ReachMD. It's note quite finished but I'll probably have it done by tomorrow.

ReachMD: Expert Audio

If you're a med-nerd, ReachMD can be pretty interesting. It's actually an XM radio channel for doctors.
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Good Things About Georgia

Some things I count as good about Georgia:

1. License plates have the county of issue on them*.

2. Muscadines and scuppernongs, native wild grapes. SO good!

3. Savannah.

4. Little Richard, the Georgia Peach.

5. Several excellent public universities.

Maybe I could make this a whole series. Or is that stretching it? I'm trying to be positive.

* Maybe not a big deal to some, maybe most states have this, but this was new to me and still remains novel. Of course counties are nearly meaningless in Massachusetts. But I love the idea you can tell where people are from.