March 22nd, 2008

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Good Friday

Good day today. Several things:

Got a massive brag from my boss, who sent an email to the immediate world about the audio slide show I did yesterday.

Caleb made dinner -- trout.

Caleb made instant chocolate pudding from Germany.

My Kinko's print order was finally read for pick up.

I got a lot done at work.

We had beautiful weather, that 70 F ideal I love.

Doing Google Image Labeler, one of the pictures was a guy getting a blowjob under the sheets.

Now for bad news, I'm having a terrible nosebleed, but hey, it'll stop eventually.
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Meme: I'm An Eight?

Dein Ergebnis:: 8 - the Asserter

Thanks for taking the test !

you chose AY - your Enneagram type is EIGHT (aka "The Challenger").

"I must be strong"

Asserters are direct, self-reliant, self-confident, and protective.

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This does seem pretty damn accurate. Also, it reminds me of marchenland; I wonder if she's an "eight" too.
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Things I Don't/Do Spend Money On

Thinking about the economy and the over-reliance on consumer spending, I've come up with a list of things I DON'T spend money on. (Or if I do, it's very rarely, less than 10% of what most do.)

1. Gas or other car expenses -- insurance, repairs, parking, payments, etc.
2. Frozen food.
3. Meat.
4. Expensive restaurant meals.
5. Gadgets.
6. Home repair or upkeep, home appliances.
7. Yard equipment, yard maintenance.
8. Package vacations.
9. Kids.
10. Makeup.

Things I DO spend money on, probably more than most people:

1. Organic food.
2. Books.
3. Haircuts. (My stylist charges $65, but SO worth it.)
4. Computer security services, like antivirus, network protection, antispam.
5. Pet supplies.
6. Mortgage. (Over 50% of my monthly takehome pay.)
7. Home association dues.
8. Charity to arts, liberal, preservation charities.
9. Local produce.
10. Computers. (I replace every 3 years, but spend $2000 to get a good one.)

I used to spend a lot more money, esp. on clothes, shoes and eating out, but diet and fiscal situation has changed that. Actually I've sold 6-7 pairs of shoes on eBay recently, just don't need them.

Cat Wrestling

Just gave Luckie a bath. Man, that takes real courage. And strength.

What I do (when I do it, which is 2x a year) is fill the tub up 3-4 inches with warmish water, turn off the faucet, and put a towel in the bottom. Then I plunk her in, though "plunk" isn't quite the term -- I think manhandle is more like it. She yowls and screeches the whole time and is unbelievably strong for her size. The only way I manage is by virtue of my big hands, one of which is kept clamped (CLAMPED!) on her shoulders the entire time. Then I ladle water over her with a used yogurt container until she's soaked, soap her up with kitty shampoo, and rinse. And she gets madder and madder and madder. Finally I wrangle her up and into a dry towel.

And Luckie? She grouses unhappily around the house for the rest of the day. She seems very irked by her wet tail, which is apparently no longer part of her body and a "threat" that she must capture. Just got some hilarious pictures of her. She's so skinny (not an ounce of fat, long and lean), looks totally pathetic wet. Unreal how much fight she puts up. (Although proportionally, my guinea pig YinYang is even worse.)

Oh, well, now the cat is clean for spring.

Dilemma of the Day

Luckie is half dry and gingerly lowering herself into a cardboard box filled with insurance and med records. It's in the sun. She keeps getting in and turning around, deciding if there's enough room, then getting out, licking herself, coming out again. Oops, she's looking in again. Could it be comfortable? Or too cramped? Testing with a foot...

Cats are too funny.