March 23rd, 2008

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I just finished reading the German translation of the first book of Wraeththu and man, it's just depressing me. Not a case of "Ugh, how depressing, this book is crap!" but instead a "Ugh, how could I forget how wonderful this is?" Plus just depressing because the book is pretty sad, in my opinion. The end especially. Of course without the sadness I wouldn't like it as much. My favorite parts in the book aren't really the happy moments. I love the entire bit at Forever and my absolute favorite scene is the last time Pell and Cal have aruna. Bittersweet and dark and horrible -- and it reads better and better the more times you read it and know what's going to happen. But ah well, now I'm all sad and long for Cal, one of my all-time heroes. I should read Bewitchments now. I was kind of thinking of rereading the entire series this year. This is a start.
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Easter Weekend

This weekend was pretty good. For one thing, I didn't waste a whole day sleeping. Not that I dislike sleeping, I love sleeping, but it does make it hard to get anything done.

Saturday it was breakfast with the boys, per usual, and then I spent the afternoon cleaning up the main room while also: 1) watching 2 Ray Harryhausen movies and 2) reading the German translation of Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit. Then at 6 I watched Wizard of Oz and took a brief nap, from arrival in Emerald City until "There's no place like home." Caleb came over later to watch SciFi, but Rock Monster sucked so bad we switched to watching a science show about Jesus.

Today, Easter, I kind of skimped on the Easter activities. Often I do manage to go to church or have a nice breakfast with the boys, but didn't do that. I let Caleb and Daniel go off for breakfast with Daniel's mom on their own, while I did my own thing here. I spent the afternoon up in Doraville visiting Amanda and Lee. On the way from the MARTA station home, Amanda and I stopped by the Buford Highway Farmer's Market, which was awesomely distracting, and then a Kroger. We ate leftover Italian goodies she and Lee had, talked a lot and amused ourselves with the various animals. It was relaxing.

Tonight I finished Enchantments and am taking care of a built-up work and emails. How grandly exciting!