March 24th, 2008

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Mr. Dan

For years my Mondays have been brightened by the NY Times's weekly "Dear Diary" column. There's always something to crack me up or make me think. This one sent me into a fit of giggles. I immediately sent it to my mother and now am sharing it here:

Dear Diary:

While waiting for the light to change at the corner of 96th and Columbus, I was approached by a somewhat sheepish middle-aged man who said to me, “Excuse to please?”

“Um ... yes?” I replied.

“I look for a Mr. Dan,” he said.

“A Mr. Dan?” I asked.

“Yes, a Mr. Dan.”

“Does he live around here?” I lamely responded.

My interlocutor nodded vigorously. “Yes! A Mr. Dan.”

“I’m sorry,” I started to say, when he suddenly announced, “A Mr. Dan Avenue!”

Aha! Case closed. Pointing westward, I told him, “Just walk that way to Amsterdam Avenue.”

Jeffrey Kindley

That Fiction Thing

So all this Wraeththu-reading of late has pulled my thoughts towards an as-yet-unpublished Wraeththu novella of mine that has been languishing for too f*cking long. Just reread it, to see what I hath wrought, and all the story's inadequacies came to the fore, but I still think I have something. It needs a really deep re-write though... A lot more description, a lot more plot, more character development, an exorcism of cheese and cliche, and more aruna. (Can't go wrong with more aruna, eh?) Not sure I will actually begin working on it again this week, but maybe!