March 31st, 2008


Pink Sandals

From today's Dear Diary (NY Times):

Dear Diary:

One sunny day last fall I was in the playground with my 3-year-old son. Ezra, as usual, was wearing his hot pink sandals. A boy, slightly older, came over with a curious look.

“Why is he wearing pink sandals?” the boy asked.

“Well,” I said, “pink is his favorite color.”

“But pink is for girls,” the boy replied.

“If he’s a boy and he likes pink, pink must be for boys and girls,” I said.

The boy hesitated and leaned in closer. Quietly, he said “Pink is my favorite color, too.” And off he went.

Corinne Schiff

Yay! Might've mentioned this before, but one of my best childhood friend was a boy who was living "Ma Vie en Rose." Seriously, he had the pink sandals and the barrettes and lip gloss. Totally out-girled me!
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So far Monday's been good, but...

From mondaysabitch

1. Have you ever pulled an April Fool's Day prank, or had one pulled on you?
Rarely. I don't much like pranking people.

2. What's the most tasteless joke you've ever heard?
One time I came home from a trip and Caleb had "rearranged" a whole ton of my stuff. It took a few days to sort out. I seem to recall a phallic object ending up in one of my shoes. Or was it a potted plant? Tasteless, but I know I laughed.

3. What's your favourite funny movie?
Almost none of my favorite movies are comedies. But among them, The Inlaws (the original, with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin). I just laugh and laugh and laugh at that. I also love Radio Days by Woody Allen. Example of humor in that: breaking into the Zionist fundraising cans to buy secret decoder rings.

4. How gullible are you?
Sometimes very, other times too skeptical for my own good.

5. Are you a good sport when it comes to being the butt of a joke?
Have had to LEARN to be a good sport, since Caleb is SO skilled at playing jokes on me. Elaborate jokes. His favorite thing is to drop by my place when I'm out and rearrange things, in a humorous way, like standing every item in the bathroom upside down, or putting spice jars in the shower. He also sneaks in while I'm there and tries to sneak up on me. It's worked -- in spectacular fashion! -- several times. My ears are very alert but ugh, he still gets me!