April 4th, 2008

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As I fall out of my chair...

Man, look at me, 2 a.m. and needing to get up at like 6:30 so I can get to the airport in the morning. I'll be super early, as usual, but I'd rather that than late!

Just packed my suitcase, figured how how I'm getting out towards my parents from Logan (Logan Express bus this time, to Framingham), printed my boarding passes, laid out my clothes and morning meds for tomorrow, have the animals all fed, and am thinking I'm probably set to go to bed.

I probably will fall asleep on the plane tomorrow, although it's two short flights instead of one longer, since I transfer in DC. Zzzzzzzz. I'm going to have to warn my parents not to let me sleep in Saturday b/c otherwise I know I'd be out until noon at least. I've stayed up rather late all week, mostly due to my obsession with doing that Wraeththu fanfic web site, and then my obsession with reading the stories. I was up until 2 last night as well.

Headed in the direction of the bed...

UPDATE: Got up on time, did NOT miss my alarm like I did at Christmas. And I don't feel as bad as I thought I would. Actually, per usual, I feel rather better when I wake up early, on less sleep, than when I get up at the regular time with more hours of sleep. Whatever. I know I will fall asleep as soon as I hit the Logan Express bus.
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From the world's busiest airport

At the airport. Flight delayed, but I will probably still make my connection in DC. Even if I don't, DC-Boston flights run every hour. So fingers crossed. I'd like to make this trip as quick and painless as possible.

Signed up for day's wireless access, catching up with some things. Posted another fic to Forever Wraeththu. I finished moving the archive a couple of days ago but since then I've posted over 20 stories that were in my inbox, backlogged, or just came in. I love how I can now post fics as soon as I get them, using WordPress. The only thing that takes time is really long fics or ones with weird formatting.

Gah. I'm awake in that I'm-so-tired-I'm-hyper-awake way. By the time I get to Boston I'll just be dead exhausted.
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Promoting Fanfic?

So I've just launched this brand new, revamped, ready-to-explode archive of Wraeththu fan fic. Where should I promote it?

I'm talking outside of Wraeththu fandom. So that people who write for multiple fandoms or didn't know where to find Wraeththu fic or who could become converts will find out about it.

I know all the places to advertise it in fandom, but I'd like to post about it elsewhere, get people linking to it, etc. What forums, communities, sites, etc., should I look into? I've been out of general fanfic, just into Wraeththu, for so long, I don't know where to start. So... suggestions?

Oh, and I think I will do a page with icons and banners and stuff people can download and add to their blogs and web sites and stuff. Just know how to tell people about it!
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I could've flown to London faster

I'm hitting a new level of exhaustion here.

I swear, I feel like I've just done some kind of trans-Atlantic journey. Just to go Atlanta to Boston! Sheesh. I used to fly up here 3-4 times a year, simple 2-hr. flight with padding at front and end. Now it's a 12-hr. endeavor!

6:30 Get up.
7:30 Leave for airport.
8:10 Arrive at airport.
8:20 Get checked in.
8:50 Get through security.
9:05 Learn flight was delayed... 'til 10:30.
11:15 Plane shows up.
11:30 Boarding starts.
12:15 Take off.
1:30 Arrive in DC (National)... missed 12:30 connection.
2:00 Issued new flight to Boston.
4:05 Arrive Boston.
4:45 US Air admits it can't find my luggage.
5:00 Board Logan Express bus to Framingham.
6:05 Arrive Framingham, parents pick up.
7:30 Arrive Sturbridge, go to pub.
9:00 Arrive at parents house.

I took a VACATION day for this. Thankfully my return flight isn't 'til like 5:30 on Monday. I say thankfully assuming I don't have another 12-hr. trip back.

Currently I'm waiting up for the luggage delivery. The guy called and says he's coming with it by midnight. Can't believe they're driving it out here, but hey!

UPDATE: 12:40 a.m. Got luggage. Going to bed.