April 6th, 2008

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A Day in Central Massachusetts

Today has been really nice. All that I could want!

For breakfast... pancakes. From scratch. Made by mom and very tasty!

For outing... Trip out to Spencer to go to Klem's, an independent department store that's like a combo of Woolworth's, garden shop and feed & seed shop. The combo of goods on offer was amazing. I got myself a couple of fun toys (Playmobil & slinky!) as well as a pair of really cool Sketcher Mary Janes. Afterward we went out riding around the whole area between Connecticut and Worcester . Had lunch at a Dunkin Donuts, stopped by reservoir, went to a CVS, dropped by a furniture warehouse, saw a lot of horse farms and bogs and mountains. It was super!

Then back at home... Mom and Dad ostensibly watched a Humphrey Bogart movie but in actuality napped. Then we had dinner, leftover pork roast from last night, leftover stir fry, yummy leek soup and Zambuca. (Mom poured me a champagne glass of it!) LotR: Twin Towers came on TNT and since then we've been watching it. We're on RotK now and I'm providing commentary. Mom's got a nice fire going in the fireplace, we're all wrapped in blankies (still winter here) and it's nice and toasty.


One thing I wanted to remark upon is that, as I was telling tharain earlier in chat, it's awesome how much of that creepy H.P. Lovecraft / Stephen King vibe you get going through some of the towns around here. You just drive through and think: Inbred. At least I do.

Something about the way time seems to have stopped in these towns and/or the world has just left them behind. It's like they exist but only on the periphery of reality, forgotten.

Plus you have places with awesome Lovecraftian names like Uxbridge, Southbridge, Upton and of course Lake Chaubunagungamaug. (seriously, could I make that up?)

I know if I lived around here, I wouldn't be able to help myself writing horror fic or at least weird slipstream stuff. It just seems sort of haunted. The people are nice, there's mountains and bucolic fields, but then there are these rather creepy looking forests and towns that are possibly filled with mysteries.