April 7th, 2008

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Voice Post - Another World

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“I just arrived back in Atlanta and it's interesting cos I'm just thinking now this is like a totally different world ok now the totally different world but a different world than the one I was just in I'm just thinking about where my parents live it's it's just nothing I mean nothing oh I get my and I feel much more at home there I mean there's so nice place but a strange to me but even in a couple of days I can tell I feel much more at home there and my parents checked him seeing what or even just saying that they wish I could move back somewhere closer and I wish that too which is not that easy. Well obviously it's not that easy but I would have done it I just pull myself up and move there move back there but I'm thinking about it. I'm about it and it will happen someday but for now I'm back in Atlanta.”

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