April 8th, 2008

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The trip back to Atlanta was a lot smoother than the trip Friday, but it still took me like 9 hours door to door! Left Sturbridge at 1:45, got the Logan Express at 2:40, got on a plane to Philly at 4:30, arrived at 6, took off for Atlanta at 8:30, arrived at 10:15, got home at 11:15. Gah. It just seems like it should be quicker. Next time I will remember that paying some extra bucks for a direct flight can really be worth it!

Meanwhile, to catch up on a few things...

...I have *another* Wraeththu related project I'm about to launch. More on that later.

...Went to a restaurant called Travelers Books and Food today. Unique concept. Books for lunch?

...Got two more toys to play with at my work desk. Yes, I am 5.

...My parents were so happy all weekend and my Dad is doing very well.

...Even though it's a pain to get to, I like the area around Sturbridge.

...Been receiving a TON of Immanion Press orders recently. Thank you, all!

I need to unpack now. And pay attention to Luckie. She is SO happy I'm back and spent 20+ minutes rubbing herself on me. Now she's hiding inside my desk drawer, wanting to be as close to me as possible. Aw, poor baby was desperately lonely. Now she has me back.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Office Toys

So I've been looking at this for several years, having first spied it at Galleria Kaufhof in Germany, but I was always trying to fit my tights into my luggage so I didn't buy it. Got it Sunday at Klem's in Spencer.

Yes, it's two kids, their 4 guinea pigs and a turtle, complete with hutch, hay and lettuce. How cute is this?!

I have it over on the sideboard next to my German police highway speedtrap set (police car, Porsche, 2 cops, speed camera).