April 10th, 2008

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My aching chest and boobies!

I think I have solved the mystery of my chest pain. "Chest pain" not as in heart pain, but this wretched pain I get throughout my chest. Some days it's so bad, while other days it's not there at all. I thought maybe it was a result of allergies getting really bad or something to do with stress. Last weekend it didn't bother me at all. But then Tuesday, it was terrible!

Anyway, I think I know the culprit: Sleeping on my stomach or, really, my chest. I used to always sleep on my stomach, but over the years I've trained myself to sleep on my side and then only sleep on my stomach if I wake up in the middle of the night or just want to be really comfy. But the problem is, I'm *not* comfy, at leasts not anymore. First off, I have to arrange my boobs in such a way that they're not going to, um, fall asleep or something. So I move them to the sides in a way that I'm not lying on them like pillows and instead am lying right on my chest, like my breastbone.

Aha! This is the problem! I have noticed before that the pain often is at its worst in bed, specifically in the middle of the night or right when I get up in the morning. It'll go on for hours and hours but finally die down by dinnertime. Well, back to my discovery, last night I woke up for a bit. I was sleeping on my side. As usual, I decided to flip to my stomach so I could fall asleep quickly. And I made a mental note: "If I feel horrible later, this is why." It didn't feel bad when I started, but when I woke up later (and right now), indeed, the pain was there. I feels like somebody is trying to snap my ribcage. Even lying on my side will hurt now. Lying on my back is OK. But basically I have to wait until my chest gets over being crushed! It's not my boobs that hurt, but my breastbone and ribs and chest in general, which I guess just doesn't like to be slept on, esp. not under the weight of my hefty-ish boobs.

So bizarre. I guess now I will be avoiding the boobs-prone position for sleeping! I do wonder, though, if this is a common problem? At least, for people who have larger boobs or heavy chests?

EDIT: I mentioned this to a coworker today (after she spotted me rubbing my chest and asked if I was OK) and she said she TOTALLY knew what I was talking about. "It's because we have these THINGS on our chest!" LOL. I wish I had figured this out a long time ago: Do NOT sleep on your chest!
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