April 14th, 2008

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Could NOT sleep last night. Went to bed sort of early (midnight) but woke up must've been around 3 or 4. Couldn't get comfortable, especially since I won't let myself sleep on my chest anymore, which has always been my "comfort" position. I just felt so tense, my brain was filled with ideas like wasps. Tried sleeping all sorts of ways on the bed, then on the couch. Luckie was of course infected by this and was running around in the dark acting all sorts of weird. In the end I finally fell asleep sometime after 6:30, half sitting up in bed. Asleep at last, I dreamt I was spending a year in high school, for no apparent reason, plus read a German-American exchange magazine. I do not feel very refreshed at the moment.
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Does God want you to talk about religion?

So this morning on NPR, they were covering that "compassion" event Clinton and Obama took part in yesterday. Most of it wound up being about faith, which to me would be irrelevant enough, but get THIS question, posted to Clinton: "Do you believe God wants you to be president?" Excuse me? My answer to that would be "WTF kind of question is that?" I mean, seriously, how do you answer that? Yes? Hem and haw? No? Say that you refuse to claim divine right of kings? So irritating!

I think a lot of my hostility towards events like that, and the whole notion of grilling politicians over their religion, stems directly from my New England upbringing. As John Kerry learned, at his cost, New England has a different take on religion than the rest of the country. It's not that New Englanders are faithless atheists -- a common insinuation -- but that they (we) believe that religion is PRIVATE. You do NOT wear it on your sleeve, you DON'T talk about your "personal relationship" with God, you don't tie every plank in your political platform to a Bible verse. That is YOUR faith and nobody's business. Talking about your faith in public or advocating out loud in a pushy way based on your faith is just rude and tacky and crude. But in these times politicians on the national scene are supposed to adopt this holier-than-thou attitude, because to do otherwise, even if you are following the customs of your community, is some kind of sign you're ashamed of your religion or don't have "true" faith or are perhaps just an outright commie atheist trying to pull a fast one.

Tornado Update

In case anybody's wondering how we're recovering from the tornado of Mar. 14:


Indeed, there are still a LOT of windows that haven't been replaced, especially in the skyscrapers. Most ground-level windows, like shops, have been fixed, for obvious security reasons.

I think the most obvious sign of the storm, which I walk past every day, is this formerly lovely steal neighborhood boundary marker at the corner of Marietta & Forsyth, a block from me. The night of the tornado workers were erecting a large crane and it fell over and wrecked the marker. It's now a big piece of twisted metal. Not something that can be replaced. I wonder how long it'll stay there.