April 16th, 2008

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It's 65-70 out today. Perfect. Why does it have to get hotter? It shouldn't! This is the perfect temp. Cooler is OK, but hotter... yuckums.

Atlanta's summer weather is pure Hell. Not even a damn sea breeze or "dry heat" to alleviate the torture of scorching air. It's just like the devil's ass is sitting on the whole city.

I admit my first year or so in Georgia, I was totally wowed by the weather wonders of being 1000 miles south of my point of reference. The idea of flowers outside after October... and before April... was mind-boggling. And trees like magnolias with leaves that don't fall off and stay green all year! Camelias that bloom in January. But that all said, the summer here is makes me so much more miseeable than a New England winter ever did.

My favorite season is Fall. My favorite month is September. My favorite weather phenomenon is fog. Also: Icy cold wind. I love coooooooold wind. And ice storms are amazing too. Not good from a transportation / electricity point of view, but awesome nonetheless.

And now I will cease my weather whinging.

Dick and Jane Style

OK, I challenge you all: Do a blog entry written in simple Dick and Jane sentences. Let me try...

Wendy is at home. She is working in her office. She uses a computer for her work.

Luckie is Wendy's cat. She is pretty, with green eyes. Luckie likes to hide. She is hiding inside Wendy's desk.

After dinner Wendy's friends Daniel and Caleb visited. They sat on the couch and watched television.

Sofie is Caleb's cat. She is black with yellow eyes. Luckie and Sofie growled a lot.

Now Wendy is tired and wants to read a story before bedtime.