April 22nd, 2008

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Tour de Atlanta

Bit the bullet today and biked to work. Well, I biked about 1/3 of the way in (then took a bus) but 100% of the way back! I managed the 6+ miles in just under an hour. The only tough part was the killer headache I developed about 40 minutes in. Fortunately that disappeared within a couple of minutes of getting off the bike; I think it was an oxygen thing. But anyway, I did it and will do it again, maybe 2x a week. I can even just take the bike in on MARTA (if for example I don't want to have to change my clothes first thing) and then ride home. Maybe Tuesdays and Fridays.

Anyway, to illustrate my trip, here's a link to my route:
From Emory to Wendy's Home Base - 6.4 mi.

It's not 100% accurate because Google doesn't let me put my route on the greenway (Freedom Park) and doesn't let me go up a oneway, which I briefly did.
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Writer's Block: Happy Earth Day

What do you do EVERY day to take care of the earth's environment? What could you do more of?

What I do:

1. Don't drive. To get around, I walk, bike, ride bus and train.
2. Use a ceramic coffee mug for coffee at work.
3. Recycle glass, paper, plastic at work.
4. Only shower every every other day, or every third day.
5. Don't use any harsh cleaners, mostly either natural (vinegar) or low-impact.
6. Feed my guinea pigs food waste.
7. Save all cardboard boxes, use for shipping, guinea pig housing & toys.
8. Use canvas bags for shopping, esp. grocery shopping.
9. Keep heat/air system set a bit higher/lower than usual (74 winter, 78 summer).
10. Don't have kids.

What could I do more of? I would like to recycle a lot more, but in this city / state, it just isn't easy at all. Facilities just don't exist. Unless I want to carry my stuff to work every day, I have to toss everything, even newspapers! I've been re-using stuff creative ways recently, like using old glass bottles for my dry goods, saving plastic bags as packing material, etc., but I have to toss a lot of stuff. Very annoying, esp. as I was raised in a place where recycling is just part of life.