April 24th, 2008

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Daniel: In Living Color

malibran and a friend of his made a bunch of videos about biking in Atlanta, put them on YouTube. They're awesome and I want to share. Here's one, below, and then links to the others. If you've ever wanted to see what my dear buddy is like, here you go. Get out of his way!

3 more:




I tend to do a lot of audio stuff, podcasts and stuff, but maybe I should do some videos, too. I can do up to 2 minutes on my dig. camera I think, and I have a dig. video editor. Anyway, I'm inspired.

My Hood: Then and Now

From the great web site Atlanta Time Machine, I bring you... my street and, yay, my building. This is looking south on Forsyth Street, which is the view I get as I get off MARTA on the way home. First pic is 1958, second one is today, give or take a couple of years.

The Healey Building

Note on the building at the far left of the historic pic: I set my alarm clock for 8 a.m. one Sunday morning several years back, so I could watch the demolition out my window, which was on the 10th floor of a building a couple of blocks away. I set my camera up to take pic after pic and got a series of shots of the building falling. It was so cool. I have it somewhere on a floppy.

This before-and-after is even better, because it show my unit, ie. where I'm sitting right now!

The Healey Building: Wendy's Pad

^ I'm the windows on the floor just under the window washers! Four on the side in the sun, three on the side facing the street. In the modern-day shot, you can vaguely see the birdcage in the second window from the corner.

Views of other spots in my immediate vicinity:

Grant Building (facing me on Walton):

Broad Street (east side of my building block):

Flatiron Building (view out the east windows):

I love such things.

P.S. This icon is me on the roof of the low-rise portion of my building block, with the tower looming over.