April 27th, 2008

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My Brother on YouTube

So I get this email from my brother Tom, saying, "This is what educators do with too much time on spring break." (He and his wife are high school teachers, up in Vermont.)

Bookseller: Episode 2: Catcher in the Rye

He did all the drawings (he's always done sketches and comics) and his wife is the other voice. I've told him he HAS to make more! (He does have another one on YouTube, about ethanol.)
ice cream

Old Clothes

I've had the idea for this post for a long, long time but for some reason haven't done it. Really it's not even a big deal, but I'm wondering...

What are some of the oldest pieces of clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. that you still WEAR?

I'm not talking about just the age of the garments (i.e. 200-year-old diamond you got yesterday is "new"), I'm talking, what stuff have you had FOREVER that you still wear?

Don't count anything that you have kept that you do not and will never again wear. For example, your high school prom gown (I have mine), your favorite shirt from sixth grade (um, I have mine).

Anyway, obviously what inspires me to ask this is that I have a whole lot of clothes and stuff that I wear and have worn since FOREVER. I can hardly believe some of these things are still even around anymore, they should be in total tatters, but they've made it through life with me.

Black Trenchcoat
Worn since 1993. Got it that fall at Northampton. Recently sewed new buttons on it. Indispensable item.

Bueno y Sano T-Shirt
Worn since 1998. Got it at what was my fav restaurant in college. Located in Amherst, MA, awesome burritos, including the never-defeated-for-taste grilled shrimp burrito. Got it the one and only time I've walked the streets of Amherst since leaving campus in 1996.

Art Institute of Chicago T-Shirt
Worn since 1992... and wearing it right now! Black T-shirt with signature of like 100 famous artists (Matisse, Van Gogh, Monet, etc.) I got it at the museum shop during a visit to Chicago my senior year of high school. I had been ensconced in art history that year.

Boyfriend T-Shirt
Worn since 1994. It's white and says "boyfriend" on it. It's the companion T-shirt to the one that says "I'm not gay but my boyfriend is." I've always found it hilarious.

Black Patent Leather Mary Janes
Worn since 1998. These are admittedly close to falling apart (I think the heels are going to fall off, insides have rotted out) but jeez, after 10 years, what do I expect? These shoes are amazing, high chunk heeled Mary Janes. Very solid and comfortable. I've worn them to work, parties, out dancing, at Dragon*Con, just everywhere. I have 3 more pairs of Mary Janes but no more patent leather ones, so when these die, I will hunt on eBay probably.

Sports Bra
Worn since 1994 or so... and I'm wearing it now. This bra is well past its shelf life, so to speak, but it pretty much fits and is comfy, so I wear it when I don't really want to wear a bra (yet have to, my boobs just aren't self-supporting). Originally I bought this bra to help me do better drag, since I was looking for a really tight bra that would hold my boobs in. Ha!

Combat Boots
Worn since 1994. Got these at an army-navy shop in Albany, NY, on a trip with Kristina and Caleb. At UMass, these were my snow boots! All I had to do was put my feet in plastic baggies before going out in the snow and they were perfect. One funny thing is that the heels are worn all weird b/c Caleb used to borrow them a lot and he has a kind of foot deformity. (He now wear orthodic inserts to save his shoes).

Striped Sleeping Gown
Worn since 1987. Yes, I'm serious, I wear a 20-year-old jammy. It's light pink and gray jersey, 1-inch-wide stripes, sort of an acid wash, with long sleeves and goes down to mid-thigh. Soooooo comfy. It kind of looks like something a gay concentration camp captive would wear.

Yellow Nighty
Worn since 1987. Another old nighty. This one is just a cute yellow cutton sleeveless with some satin ribbonwork in front. It's so cute. Inherited from one of my sisters.

Yellow Jammy Pants
Worn since 1987. Some kind of fake satin jammy pants, stripped yellow. These are so damn comfy. Inherited from my sister Carolyn. I often wear them with the yellow nighty (above).

That's all for now. I know I have more (esp. T-shirts) but I've got some work to do, imagine it.

"Safety" in the City

I consider atlanta to be one of the most informative LJ communities out there. And not just informative in terms of finding out about events, sales, new stores, where to buy obscure food items, who's hiring, etc., but in terms of wrapping my head around the people of this city. You learn things just from the types of topics that get brought up, opinions shared, common questions, etc.

One thing that's come up a few times today in posts is crime and safety. People are always posting looking for apartments or asking about certain neighborhoods. These posts come from people already in the area looking or needing to move. They also come from out-of-towners, sometimes people from across the country, planning moves. There have been a couple of these this weekend and the thing that struck me about both of them is that the posters are specifically mentioning concerns about crime and safety. As in, what neighborhoods are safe, which are not, etc.

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