April 28th, 2008

Thin, Exercise, Serious

Re-use, re-use, and re-use!

Water is a good thing. Staying hydrated is a good thing. But in these days of post-peak oil and maxed-out landfills and belt-tightening, filling up your own bottle or glass makes a whole lot more sense. Data in the article below:

America’s dirty little oil secret: Plastic Bottles and Bags

At work I have this lovely water caraffe with a built-in glass/top that a friend gave me years ago. I just fill it up in the morning and whenever I'm thirsty, I pour some more out. It holds around 4 cups.

Caleb usually has water with him but it's always in a bottle of his own. If he does get a new plastic bottle, like say at a conference or during a trip, he saves it and reuses. He has this English mineral water bottle he's kept for ages because it's a very convenient size to tote around.

Anyway, this is my green tip of the day.