April 29th, 2008



My home internet went out yesterday. Some kind of network DNS issue. It was so bizarre. The only web site that would work consistently was NYTimes.com, but my browser wouldn't load the CSS. One time I got LJ to come up, but again, the CSS wouldn't come up, so the pages looked bizarre. And if I clicked anything, it was a crapshoot if I'd get a page back. Then my email wouldn't work, except for a microsecond at a time. Got some mail, but then I couldn't reply. It was a frustrating night since I was trying to do client work but couldn't upload anything. Gah.
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Voice Post - Questions on the Street

Classic weird auto-transcription that nevertheless carries the spirit of this.

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“So I am over Kayla's place for dinner and then we watched Sleepy Hollow and I leaved and I'm just walking back to my place and I'm thinking about some dialog and characters in the story I'm working on. You know just day dreaming as usual but paying attention at the same time. So I'm going down to Topa(?) Street which is kind of like an alley, it's really narrow and as usual there are like shady characters and street people who are like scurrying through there and I'm avoiding them as usual and then there's guy calls out sir sir I can teach to make shoe shine to make shoe shine. I had to laugh. I mean I expect you know be asked for money or asked if I need directions. I do not expect anyone to ask me if I need a shoe shine and I don't expect anyone to call sir sir. I mean I am wearing a coat and I have short hair but anyway whatever. So I said no no no. I'm headed home you know, just don't bug me. I go I swear like 50ft over to my building and all the entrances to the shop have got like I don't know like a little step ok and a lot of times homeless people so they curl up on the steps there and they get chased away but there was this woman there and she says to me again unexpected. She didn't ask for money and she says can you bless me in the name of Jesus. You know do I smell your dog you know I'm just trying to walk like 2 blocks home and you know random people around me just thought odd questions I mean and if I kept walking I would have got another one. I would have got something like excuse me excuse me and got some like very interesting story. But anyways I had to quote the shoe shine man and the blessed me in the name of Jesus woman who who by the way did kind of look like the Virgin Mary. I mean seriously like she was all wearing this outfit and she really look like some kind of a saint. But I am not fooled. Anyways.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

Operator, Please Connect Me

I don't know WHAT is going on with my home Internet connection. It's some sort of DNS problem, judging from the ping and tracerout tests I've run. About 90% of the time I try a site, the test fails, the network just gives up trying. Then there about 5% of sites that I can get to come up, but only in a strange format, like without the style sheet, because I guess the style sheet isn't being retrieved. Then 5% of the time (like right now, on LJ), pages come through perfectly. WTF?! I will call the service provider for my building tomorrow.

Meanwhile I put in 45 min. tonight trying to set things up with my dial-up, which I pay for but haven't had to resort to for several years. The modem works. The phone line works. I have the current dialup number. I know my userid and password. But when I go to connect, it says no dial tone! I have checked the line using a phone and there's definitely a dial tone. The modem diagnoses as being in working order. I switched phone cords in case it was that. I tried plugging into both the laptop itself and the docking station. But it just won't get a dial tone.

But by a total fluke, I can post this, but can't check my email, which I really, really need to do. I can't get to web mail or T-Mobile's site, which would normally also let me read my mail. So annoyed, esp. since if I'd KNOWN how futile my efforts were going to be, I would have spent tonight working on a story I'm writing.


OMG! As is the way with computers, as soon as I'd given up on the problem, I realized I had one more option. laurent_atl had left a comment on my last entry about this problem, with a suggestion for entering some open DNS servers. I can't access the email but I was already on LJ, so I said, "Hmm..." Got the info, plugged it in, and voila! instantly fixed! Merci beaucoup, laurent_atl. This was threatening to keep me up all night.
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Must say, I like these meme, even though it stirs my book-guilt.

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There are a whole bunch of books on this list that I really do WANT to read. In fact I have 100 Years of Solitude in my book pile right now.

Meanwhile, its' true most of the books on here are ones I read for school, specifically high school, but I really enjoyed them. My English classes had really heavy reading courseload -- usually 30 pages a night and senior year, I was doing like 3 English courses at once, so it was read, read, read all night. And people wonder how I got so good at reading fast, no matter where I am. (Bus, trail, escalator, elevator, tram, taxi, bridge, woods, canoe, boat...)