May 6th, 2008


The Atlanta Experience - The Lonnnnnnng Escalator

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“Well, here I am at the escalator at Peach Tree Center Station and if you've ever visited Atlanta and come down town, especially if you've been at Grand Con or a convention of, you've been on these escalators and you know that they're enormous escalators, I got on the escalator when I just started this post, well I'm still on it and I'll be on it for sometime, anyways it's, it's one of those Atlanta experiences I've, I've wanted to record. Some people arrive in Atlanta and they kick the train coming up the airport and this the first station they get off at and they get off and they're like ___ oh my God and they start freaking out cos they've never seen and escalator this long but I mean I've been, I've been riding up and down it like for yrs and yrs and yrs, I mean that, it's, it's pretty much my preferred large station and I don't really think about it at all any more, I've done all kinds of things on this, on this escalator, I've, I'm still on it by the way, I've you know, I've like, I've changed my clothes, I mean like take the coat on and off and like I've changed, I've changed my shoes one time, I have read books, I have written books, I have sent text messages, I have like laid down like 6 or 7 bags of groceries on the steps with me, oh God, had this ___ conversation well, I've actually also walked up and down the escalators often you know when they are broken but sometimes when they're not even broken and just now I'm getting to the top of the escalator so I guess this is a good time to start and here I am on Peach Tree Street.”

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The Atlanta Experience - My Block

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“Ok, you can call this, The Atlanta Experiences(?) Series. I'll do these every few days. I'm on Forsyth Street, right by my building and I'm in front of the Georgia State Schools of Music and I'm across the street from a 24 hr diner and the building it's in is actually not the Georgia State building. And now I'm walking by a Bozart(?) Courtroom, Court House I should saw. So it's just very, very large edifice. I'm crossing Forsyth street and I'm on my block. I'm walking by White Creations, Clothes and Shoe Shop which really has to be entered to be truly experienced. And then there's a jewelers and there's a barber shop and there's a fish and grits and optometrist and there's an art gallery and there's another art place and there's 2doz other businesses right here on my block. Now I'm going through the brass doors of my building. Come on out, you're welcome. Letting my neighbours out, out. Now I'm gonna go the brass doored elevator that runs from our lobby up. There's actually 6 of them but 3 are working.”

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I was adding quotes to my LJ page the other day and remember this wonderful one from none other than Quentin Crisp:

The time comes for everyone to do deliberately what he used to do by mistake... If you are effeminate by nature, you have to find some way of telling the world that you know you are, otherwise they keep telling you.

Those are words to live by -- and you can substitute "effeminate" for a lot of different things, of course.

Meanwhile, feeling rather sad about the loss of a Quentin Crisp quote book I had years back, I went and looked up some other quotables...

    Exhibitionism is like a drug. Hooked in adolescence I was now taking doses so massive they would have killed a novice.

    All liaisons between homosexuals are conducted as though they were between a chorus girl and a bishop. In some cases both parties think they are bishops.

    There was no need to do any housework at all. After four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse.

    "You'll never be wanted," [a draft board official] said, and thrust at me a smaller piece of paper. This described me as being incapable of being graded in grades A, B, etc., because I suffered from sexual perversion. When the story of my disgrace became one of the contemporary fables of Chelsea, a certain Miss Marshall said, "I don't much care for the expression 'suffering from.' Shouldn't it be 'glorying in'?"

    The young always have the same problem — how to rebel and conform at the same time. They have now solved this problem by defying their elders and copying each other.

    He explained to me that he wanted a simple boy-meets-girl story with lyrics. This I felt was quite beyond my capabilities. I did not know any boys who met girls.

    It would be impossible to get through the kind of life that I have known without accumulating a vast unused stockpile of rage. Retaliation, though, was a luxury I could never afford. On the physical level I was too feeble. On any other I was not rich enough. I never dared to be rude to anyone. I never knew that I might not need him later. Long after fantasies of sexual excess had ceased to torment me, my imagination was inflamed by lurid day-dreams of having my revenge on the world.
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