May 9th, 2008

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Nails, Books

Don't know why I've been so "quiet" lately. There've been some things going on, interesting things, but not so much I don't have time. Meh. Who knows. Sometimes I just get a bit withdrawn. Relatively, at least.


Got a manicure Wednesday night. Yes, I know, out of character. Went to this place next to the Cheshire Bridge Publix. Aside from the fact I managed to put a big scratch in my thumbnail within 5 minutes of leaving the shop, it was nice. I got a really dark red (think: coagulated blood) polish. Pretty! Shiny! I estimate it will last approximate a week before it starts to fall apart due to inadvertent abuse.

One of the best bits of getting my nails done? Noticing the little shrine the Vietnamese nail techs had set up in the front corner of the shop. It was a really cool looking Buddha, with little Buddhas and other icons around him, plus vases, trinkets and sticks of incense. Plus (and this was the best bit) a huge hunk of what looked like strawberry shortcake from Publix. It was still in the plastic thing. So hey, Buddha likes whipped cream!


Been getting a lot of book orders for Immanion Press. I'm their US seller. Storm's latest Wraeththu novella is out and I've had around a dozen orders so far, which I've shipped out. There've been other orders too, so it's keeping me busy. I had to buy a ton more padded envelopes the other day.

For reading, right now I'm trying out a Charles de Lint book, The Blue Girl. This fantasy book group list I'm on is always going on and on about de Lint so I had him on my list of authors to read. Maybe it's just this particular book, but so far, I'm not impressed. It was a real chore get through the first few chapters yesterday. It involves high school kids and the whole thing reads like an after school special meets the Twilight Zone. The writing is really spare and not the sort of detailed, moving, descriptive stuff I tend to enjoy.

Maybe the Outworlders book group would like it, since we tend to disagree on books, with me going for over-the-top stuff (e.g. Poppy Z Brite, Tanith Lee) and with them going for stuff that makes me bored out of my skull. Actually it's funny, because we have a meeting this weekend to go over As Meat Loves Salt. I love love LOVED this book, which makes me suspect everybody else will have hated it. It's wonderfully overwrought at times, very emotional, with a narrator some people really wouldn't like but who has appeal nonetheless. Hmm. We shall see.

Oh, and I went to the Emory library the other day. It was a-maz-ing. More on that later.

Next up

Giving blood. Have an appt. for 20 min. from now so I should go.
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Voice Post - Restaurant Rec

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“Well I'm a little bit inebriated but I would like to make a restaurant recommendation. I have once again stop by this place Hot Sticks by the Lynburg(?) Modern Station and it's really really good and I'm not even enjoying what their main feature is and that's that they will basically stir fry stuff for you on the spot you know with flames and you could make your own food make your own combination you know could complete you. I just keep getting the salad they make and then tonight I had this Martini and it was so delicious. It was a pear Saki and ginger vodka Martini. It was kind of like a Madory(?) Shower except a lot more subtle and it didn't have this like jelly brancher(?) sour apple type taste. Oh my gosh it was so delicious and my waitress was delicious. She had a very nice low cut top and was very friendly. Anyways so I recommend Hot Sticks by the Lynburg(?) Modern Station up on their little main street. It's more than friendly even. So hey.”

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