May 10th, 2008

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Charles de Lint?

Anybody out there read Charles de Lint?

Because I read a book of his, The Blue Girl, this week, after seeing him raved about in various fantasy book forums for years, and was just not impressed. To me the book read like a first novel. I had real problems with the structure of the book, the tense, and the voice of the characters (he is *so* not a teenage girl), among other things. I would rate it a C and confess I was tempted to quit reading it at several points, especially during the first half. This really surprised me, because over and over I've seen de Lint referenced as some kind of god of fantasy writing. The bio in the back of Blue Girl names him as a pioneer of contemporary fantasy. So I wonder, is this book typical, or is it some "new direction" book that even his fans don't like?

I haven't been so disappointed in a recommended author since I read Alice Hoffman. She's among Storm's favorite authors and having heard her go on and on about her, I grabbed a book (Here on Earth) and read it. Had to force myself through it. Then I wondered, was it just *that* book? So I read another one (The Drowning Season). And hated that one, too! I think one of the major problems I had with both books was that they're set in New England, like all Hoffman's books, and there was just this cloying, cliched quality to these New England towns and New Englanders that just didn't seem... right to me. Storm's English, so she wouldn't have picked up on this. Other than that, I disliked most of the characters and didn't care for the "slipstream" elements amidst the realism. *shrugs* This isn't unlike how I felt about the de Lint.

EDIT: Just looked up both authors on Wikipedia, see both have written works considered "magical realism." Perhaps it's the genre I dislike, since now that I think about it, there are several other books and lots of short stories of a similar vein I've also disliked. I think for fantasy, either dark, weird, and rather *un*realistic is much more my thing.

I think I will now read Tom Jones, which I got out the Emory library last week, same time as the de Lint. Among my fav books in the world. I have a copy of my own but it's antique so I won't go around reading it on MARTA.
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Ow ow ow!

While cleaning, I've managed to stub the same f*cking toe THREE times. Twice on a a tire pump (in a clothes pile, where I didn't see it) and once on the foot on my brass bed. All three times, hard enough it bled and that it'll probably be turning a grisly shade of greenish black later. And the shrieks I let out. Luckie was petrified. Ow! And the night is still young! What's funny is that despite the bedroom floor being near-impassable for at least two weeks, haven't stubbed my toe or tripped until today, when I'm trying to *remedy* the situation.

EDIT, the next day: So my toe is mostly pink, but dark pink / purple on the sides and bottom. It's the second the last toe. Luckily I don't put much weight on it when I walk because it is very ow-y.