May 11th, 2008

ice cream

Spanning the Poles

Sometimes I commit acts of inadvertent bisexuality... just now when I sat down to resew a broken strap in my leather sandals...

...wearing chipped maroon and black nail polish...

...and a Don't Panic T-shirt that says "boyfriend" in huge letters...

...with my cat looking over my shoulder...

...while listening to Depeche Mode's second album.
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Writer's Block: Remembering Mom

What's your favorite memory of your mother?

The time I found out last, last minute that Lawrence of Arabia was playing full-size at the Wang Center and, even though she wasn't getting home from work 'til 6, she picked me up straight from my job at the library and sped into Boston so I could see it. She slept for half the movie, which is 3+ hours long, while I drooled and gaped at finally seeing it on the silver instead of a TV. It meant a lot to me.


This weekend was...

- Cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning more. The whole entire place is clean! Luckie is as surprised as I am. She keeps wandering around exploring all the "new" space.

- Nice Saturday morning breakfast with Daniel. I must say, it was nice for us to just be one on one for once. (Caleb was out of touch all weekend.)

- Daniel and I paying an unhurried visit to Salvation Army. My find of the day was black, 100% synthetic reptile calf-high boots. With 3 inch heels. I have 2 pairs of black boots like that already, but not reptile! And for only $6, how could I resist?

- Watching the second half of Raiders of the Lost Ark twice. It was on USA. That movie'll never get old for me. Dating myself: Saw in theaters twice when it first came out. When I was 7. (Really.)

- Friday night spent over Caleb's. Slept over there with his cat Sofie. Had trouble sleeping in his bed, which is way too firm for me. But Sofie was really sweet.

- Around a dozen nosebleeds. Grody! I need to learn to just stop touching my nose, b/c anything seems to set it off. Sometimes they're just small, but lately I've had gushers that startle me, and I've had a history of bleeds my whole life. Had 2 serious geisers just tonight. Need to talk to my nose doc about that. Been a problem ever since my operation.
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P.S. On Updatery

Oh, and family news:

1) Mom loved all the licorice I sent her. It came Thursday and is 3/4 gone already. D'oh! She claims it's going to be the end of her. I hope not, but I couldn't resist sending it, since I *know* it's her favorite thing.

2) Dad had his cataract surgery. Don't think I really ever mentioned here, but yeah, he had cataracts in one eye, diagnosed in the fall. Mom hasn't let him drive since then, because of that. This Thursday he had the operation and so far everything is healing up as it should. So soon Dad'll be able to see better again.