May 15th, 2008


Voice Post: The Atlanta Experience

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“This is another Atlanta experience post. I am walking down Petesry Street in Mid Town and as usual it occurs to me that, pretty much every single building or let me say 9 out of 10 buildings in this area are brand new or are built within the last 5 years and I'm not talking about little buildings, I'm talking about sky scrapers(?). I just came out of a early morning seminar at 14th and Pete Street and I turned the corner and they are 2 sky scrapers(?) all glass being built. One on one side of the street and one on the other. I think I counted like 6 cranes just on that block and now I'm walking and I'm across from just whole neighborhood of brand new buildings. I can see just from this one point 3 glass condo tellers which are what 20 storeys or more each and in addition to that I see a new restaurant, a new office building, a new shopping center, it just kinda goes on and on and even, even the buildings that are old, almost all of them have undergone major, major renovation or a change of use like this building here, there's these two big glass buildings. They actually use to be, I think large government offices and now they'll like trending off but it's, it's very Atlanta just this idea of Martin Lawson new growth, new buildings, whole neighborhood's transforming themselves. So you know when I first came to Atlanta this whole entire area was extremely bleak. There's a lot of parking lots and sort of businesses that were like old run down buildings, a lot of abandoned property or unloved land and now pretty much like every scrap of land is being used for something and you seeing almost all the parking lot are just here. So that is the Atlanta experience.”

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Luckie: The Iconoclast

So the ASPCA has come up with this shart of "Feline-alities" that describe the types of cats out there. It's cute, but I can't really place Luckie on the chart.

She has some of the "Secret Admirer" and "Private Investigator" qualities, but I think really there's a type missing. What type? Perhaps Willful Fussy B*tch? LOL. She is so nice and sweet (Personal Assistant) and follows me around like a dog (Sidekick) but yikes, she is so NOT touchy-feely with most others and even I have a ton of scars from her. She likes to wrestle and bite and run around like a psycho. She really acts FERAL a lot of the time, esp. when the boys are around, although she's warming to Caleb. But on the other hand, she aodres me and throws herself at me when I come from work, purring and head-butting and trying to lick my arpits. So, her own category.

GIP! Iconage! Et cetera!

Been feeling like I don't have nearly enough icons to express all my moods and topics I tend to write about. So I've come up with a bunch of icons that do the trick, all taken from works from my fav artists.

Tamara de Lempicka

Rene Magritte

Art Deco & Art Noveau
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