May 18th, 2008

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Atlanta Experience - Midtown

454K 2:24
“Well I'm back to be in Atlanta experience and I am walking through New Town. It's a different part of New Town that I'd last before it does. This is the really pretty comfortable laid back residential part of New Town. The eastern part of New Town. To the east of Pietse(?) Street. I'm going to waiter scoot meeting which is at 5th and Aragon Avenue which pretty much epitomizes(?) this area. It's, it's not those tall, new glass and concrete condo towers that you get west of here. It's a lot of 1920's apartments and apartment buildings and houses and some buildings that are Victorian although kinda of a mix. There was a big fire around the time of World War 1 that wiped out a lot of buildings in the area and then things were sort of renovated or reproduced in the 20's and then for then a guessing it's this whole area was pretty rundown but these days it's really not you see renovations and garden work going on. I see this beautiful, beautiful houses. It's really nice if you walk down here on a evening. Say like a Thursday night at 9:00. You know you see all these houses and they still well kept and they have just you know really beautiful gardens out front and beautiful windows and they're all lit up with em lovely shades and reproduction 1920's lighting. I wonder if it's looks a lighting add. You know like GE would, would use this footage in a the lighting add but anyways it's a really beautiful neighborhood and I'm enjoying it right now. I never lived here and usually I'm just sort of walking through on the way to somewhere else but it is very, very lovely and very neat to Atlanta. I haven't really been to a neighborhood that looks like this in another city.”

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