May 19th, 2008


The Past Few Days = Pretty Good Times!

To look at my LJ, you'd think I've done nothing lately but in fact, I've been busy. And not unhappily so. A reckoning...

Thursday night was the kick-off party for the Downtown Neighborhood Festival & Tour. As has become standard, it was a fancy affair hosted by AmericasMart, complete with luscious catering, a live band, and free drink tickets (for wine or beer) for all. I wasn't in the most social mood, but even so I enjoyed myself, esp. since the food was rather good!

Employee Fun

Friday was Staff Fest, the once-a-year Emory employee romp, held on the Quad. I was invited by some co-workers to join their group walking over, but I was feeling antisocial and went on my own, which was fine really. The picnic-food buffet was yummy and there was also ice cream, a hula hoop contest, info tables from interesting organizations, etc. I also won a $25 gift certificate to Sierra Trading Post, which I promptly used to order a fab skirt and sandals online. So overall, I felt very rewarded and valued as an Emory employee. (Boy, HR would be so pleased!)

Travel Drama

So Friday/Saturday, both Caleb and Daniel had Travel Drama.

Caleb's was worse. He's gone out to Mississippi on Thursday, against his will, to meet and present on a potential project in Chocktaw County, i.e., Nowhereville. He was supposed to leave Friday afternoon and get home at 5, but his client kept him from arriving at the airport early enough and the airline had closed the gate. Now the Jackson airport is a little airport and there was only one other direct flight to Atlanta that day, which was booked out. So he calls me to see if I can figure out a way for him to go home. No direct flights, but I find how he can fly to Dallas and then to Atlanta. In the end he ends up getting a direct flight at 6 a.m. the next morning. Meanwhile he's stuck in Jackson overnight so he rents a call to drive around, then stays up late watching infomercials. He gets back around 9. Meanwhile he was *supposed* to be conducting a big public workshop in Griffin that morning but he'd had to finagle getting one of his staff to manage it in his stead (including getting all the materials out of the trunk of Daniel's car!) Why am I even posting about Caleb's drama? Because I had to hear about it, every step of the way, from about 2 p.m. Friday 'til he got home Saturday. This included a 6:30 a.m. call from Jackson telling me he was boarding. So we had semi-shared misery.

Daniel's drama was far less complicated. He had snapped up some rather cheap tickets to fly up to NYC Saturday morning to see a friend compete in an opera competition. He got up real early and went to the airport, only to learn he'd bought tickets for 6 p.m. and not 6 a.m. He didn't want to believe it, but I guess eventually he must have conceded. He didn't go to NYC. Having done a similar thing myself several years back, I was sympathetic. One nice this is that Daniel didn't call me about this even once.

Saturday Fun

Now once Caleb got back from his "fun time" in Mississippi, he had the usual craving for fine breakfast pastries, so we took the bus up to Star Provisions, where we had yummy treats, bought bread, and then got some veggies from the organic farm stand. On the way back we got to observe a tremendous hoochie with really bad fake eyelashes and a Cadillac purse.

The rest of the day for me was spend popping in at the festival, where I enjoyed two bowls of gumbo and pralines from the New Orleans Connection food trailer (OMG, so good), a couple portions of beer, fresh Italian ice, music, and chats with various vendors and artists. And I had a couple of naps. It was altogether satisfactory.

Sunday Fun

Sunday included more of the same re festival -- BBQ shrimp, more beer, music -- plus Outworlders book group and a quick trip to the grocery store. And two more naps. Then at night I suddenly felt very productive and took care of all kinds of web business, plus updates on Inception, Storm's site, Forever, Immanion Press orders, etc. And I had so much time to spare afterwards I spend at least an hour indulging in Tom Jones. I'm up to about page 450 now, which is half-way, as the book is just HUGE. I continue to be amused by it.
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Atlanta Experience: Lullwater Park

376K 1:55
“The Atlanta Experience continues with a visit to Lullwater Park, located off of Clifton Road. An oasis amidst the Emory University campus. Not mentioned in this post are the geese, goslings and fish I encountered once I reached the lake. Very nice!”

Transcribed by: wiebke

I am *so* pleased to have, albeit belatedly, discovered this place! I now have a place to go read, eat lunch, meditate and generally escape to.

Aerial view here.
ice cream

Voice Post: Atlanta Experience: Reynoldstown MARTA Station

382K 2:02
“Another Atlanta Experience, this time in the station by the apartment complex where I lived years ago. Complete with skanky elevator, ridiculously long pedestrian bridge and freight trains galore.”

Transcribed by: wiebke

Apologies for the extra bad sound quality... I was accidentally on speaker phone. Oh, well. It kind of fits the post.
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Writer's Block: Scaredy cat

What animal frightens you most, and why?

I honestly can't think of any animal that scares me.

Even ones I should probably be scared of; those I just think are magnificent and if they kill me, I probably deserve it either for being on their turf or indirectly contributing to the loss of their habitat, thus putting them in a zoo or on human-inhabited land.

I like all kinds of insects and bugs, bats, worms, sharks, reptiles, vultures, man-eating wild animals, bison, etc. I thing, for example, that slugs and leeches are SO cool! And they don't scare me.

The animals that scare me? Are dead ones.

Wait. I just remembered, I find goats kind of freaky. It's their eyes. But not like I'd run away from one!