May 20th, 2008


World Vegetarian Week

I'll be upfront and freely admit I eat meat on holidays and vacations. And occasionally when I am seriously in need of protein and there is a chef salad staring me in the face.

This practice has been a long time coming, as I first started going vegetarian around 15 years ago when I started college, but has solidified over the past three years. The moment I decided to stop being a "bad vegetarian" was after watching a documentary on chickens and the chicken industry. I just couldn't be part of that, definitely not on a daily basis.

Besides, I have absolutely no trouble finding or cooking meatless food, which is why when I hear people constantly moaning how it's impossible to do without meat or even cut down to 2x a week, I am utterly confused. I think part of the appeal of basing meals around meat is that it's easy. I grew up in a sort of English-style meat-starch-veg household, so I understand the appeal of having a meal that doesn't require much thought: pork chops, green beans, and egg noodles. But it isn't hard to cook other stuff or to cook stuff that tastes good and can even be done quickly. One of my fav meals is braised spinach with peanuts and raisins. That's an easy side or a whole meal if you eat it alone. Takes 5 minutes. Make an easy whole grain rice dish and some roast asparagus and you've got a 15 min. meal.

But anyway, good article here:

Top Ten Reasons To Go Vegetarian

Finally, let me state for the record that I think meat is very, very delicious. I'm not vegetarian because I don't like the taste of meat. My fav kinds... pork chops, roast beef (rare), pork shoulder, spiral ham, ribs, turkey, venison, bison, boar, bacon, salami, liverwurst, bratwurst, weisswurst... Jeez, just anything that's not innards or bodily extremities or brains. Which is how I came up with the "holidays and vacation" rule, because damn, if I'm up at my parents and she makes pork roast with sauerkraut and potatoes, I MUST eat it!

There are no coincidences, they say...

Just found about Ted Kennedy's brain tumor.

Last night, I was surfing Wikipedia and the following click-path took place:

Queen Mary --> Prince John (Mary's son, an epileptic) --> List of people with epilepsy / seizures --> Georgia Gerschwin --> glioblastoma, i.e. what Kennedy has.

Anybody who wants to talk me out of my deep and abiding admiration for Kennedy -- as a politician -- should hold his or her breath. Especially at a time like this. This type of tumor is the most commonly diagnosed brain tumor but nevertheless has a rotten prognosis, no matter who you are or what treatment you can afford.

Tornado time

The big alert sirens just went off... tornado alert 'til 7:30. Since I'm still at work, I will remain here. Not going outside for the bus.

EDIT, 7:53: I'm home. My boss, whose office is next to mine, was still working and, after checking the TV weather, which showed the storms in the far north of Fulton & DeKalb counties, offered to drive me to a MARTA station. Just because we thought it MIGHT rain and technically there WAS a tornado thingamajig. He lives right on the way to Decatur. It was a nice ride and we chatted about non-work stuff. MARTA seemed to be running fine, although it certainly is windy out, needless to say. Ooh, and it's getting dark and there's loud thunder. I definitely like this more than the usual boring-ass weather.