May 25th, 2008

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Tom Jones

With considerable determination I have finally come to the end of Tom Jones. Having now read it twice I can with some confidence say I will not be reading it again*, because while it is amusing and delightful, it is about twice as long as it needs to be. Henry Fielding would certainly have benefited from an a editor, unless he planned on being paid by the word. I imagine even to the original readers of the 18th century, the book must have seemed overlong and to a modern reader, it is really overwrought and somewhat "much ado about nothing." That is to say, the plot is a farce, and so we are led through hundreds** of pages (sub-divided into 18 books!) on account of a bit of deceit which, had it been uncovered would have ended the book at about 200 pages. Even if the deceit had not been uncovered, the book still need not have been so impossible long. But yes, enjoyed it, but however am now glad to be done with it, as if nothing else it was very heavy to carry!

* Except of course to read bits in the antique copy I have, a present from my mom. I have been reading a library copy to spare the beautiful 19th century edition wear and tear.

** The copy I just finished was about 920 pages, hardcover, rather fine print (1930s copy).
So Hot

Atlanta Experience: Grant Park

649K 3:20
“Hanging in Grant Park on Memorial Day weekend... Beautiful park, happy people, big trees.”

Transcribed by: wiebke

Went biking, planned to sketch in Oakland Cemetery, but it was closed due to tornado damage, so I went to Grant Park instead. I managed to do one sketch before my creative pilot light went out. Bummer! But it was a gorgeous day and I tried to enjoy. The way back was a nice ride and I also stopped by the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Now I'm hot and sticky but at least I DID something today!

Name That Album

Just listened to (and sang along with) one of my all-time favorite albums. Haven't listened to it for a long time, as I was deliberately letting it rest so I could "hear" it again. Listened to many, many, MANY times. Well worth laying off, as it is EXQUISITE.

Anyway, here are a few snippets from various lyrics -- come on, guess the album. It will be very easy for some of you. And no Googling!

Never again
Is what you swore
The time before.
Never again
Is what you swore
The time before.

And you believe
Something so worthless
Serves a purpose
Makes me a happy man

I stop and I stare too much
Afraid that I care too much
And I hardly dare to touch
For fear that the spell may be broken

And when I squinted
The world seemed rose-tinted
And angels appeared to descend.
And to my surprise
With half-closed eyes
Things looked even better
Than when they were open

And when our worlds
They fall apart
When the walls come tumbling in
Though we may deserve it
It will be worth it.

Like, I say EASY for some of you to guess, I'm sure! Not even a guess!
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Wedding clothing etiquette question

Need some help, here, ladies and gents.

Just tried on the dress I was thinking about wearing to Rob & Marta's wedding next month. It fits. Phew! I am rather amazed, as it's the dress I got for my brother's wedding 10 years ago, but I'm not complaining. Also, there's the wonder of stretch velveteen polyester to consider! LOL. Anyway, it's a nice form-fitting (but not embarrassing) dress that's sleeveless but with a high neck and covered chest.

One thing I do wonder is if it's really the best dress for a June wedding. I mean, it's sleeveless and not hot, but it's dark blue and goes within 6 in. of my ankles. I *don't* care much about wedding conventions, but I did read that for a daytime summer wedding, a short (knee-length) cocktail dress, *not* in dark colors, is best. I plan to lighten up (and cover up) by wearing a pretty embroidered scarf over my shoulders during the ceremony, but it's still dark and long.

I don't really have any other dresses I can wear. I've got a couple of shorter wedding-guest-ish dresses but they're black and/or don't fit right. There are also three cute black and white dresses that fit me but I don't know if they're really going to work for this wedding, which is small but I suspect kind of formal. It's in central London, in a stately old chapel. I don't think I should show my knees!

I do like what I have, esp. since it's very comfortable and will travel well (never wrinkles!), but hmm, maybe I should at least go look and see if I can find something nice and cheap at a dept. store. The one I've *got* was only $35 at like Macy's or somewhere. I am really good at going through racks and racks and finding the things that are 75% off.

So should I be looking for something shorter and lighter?

Also, here's the kind of thing I'm *thinking* might be better...

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