May 26th, 2008

Smiley Dorothy

Wedding Dilemma Solved - & Related Good News

Went out shopping with Amanda this afternoon and as soon as I stepped into Ross, I suddenly had a brainflash: I have the perfect dress already! It's this lovely white party dress with small black polka dots, deep cut (but not indecent) front and back, perfect waist, good length. Very sort of 1950s/1960s nice girl outfit. Fits me perfectly, actually much better now than when I bought it. I had totally forgot about it because I have to hang it funny in the closet b/c it won't stay on a hanger (top too open). So when I inventoried, I skipped over it. I showed it to Amanda afterward when she came over and she agreed, it's perfect for a June wedding.

Meanwhile despite the realization about not needing a dress, I tried on a bunch of dresses. The first batch was a total failure, but that was great news -- they were ALL too big! I know know that I am not a 18W anymore, nor am I necessarily a 16W. Too big. Yay! Obviously the 30 lbs. has made an actual difference!

So I went and got a second batch, made up of 14Ws and even 12Ws. And found a lovely dress, similar to the one I'll wear to the wedding, except black with white and more covered up at the top (i.e. can wear to work). It was only $13 so I got it. I also got it because it's a 12W. I haven't even looked at 12s in like 10 years. It really does fit perfectly though, I was not stuffing myself into it like sausage. It's really nice.

I will try and take some pictures soon to show both off. They are both awesome, fun dresses that show off my shape and assets, plus they're 100% synthetic and require no ironing. My kinda clothes!
Nomi 2, Disgusted

Writer's Block: For the Day Off...

If you've got Monday off, how are you spending it, and with whom?

Ah, leisure!

Slept nice 'til 10. Had nice breakfast, did some light housework, listened to Depeche Mode.

Got a call from my friend David, just wanted to say hi, thinking of me. Called Amanda, arranged to meet up in afternoon.

Took care of client work, nothing heavy, then installed Second Life, messed around with my avatar, got lost in Immanion.

Went out shopping with pal Amanda -- looked at kittens, got a dress, had lunch/dinner at Figo. We then hung out at my place for a bit and Luckie was nice (!).

I think I'll make a light dinner and watch Boys Don't Cry, which came in from Netflix ages ago, need to watch and return. Such is the plan at the moment.

Wendy's Believe It or Not:

My entire apartment has been clean for TWO WEEKS.

By clean, I mean bed made (every day), nothing on the floor, clothes hung up in the closet, shoes on the rack, no piles of paper, dishes done, garbage taken out, all rooms passable... and just well, you know, clean and picked up like a normal person's house! And I haven't had to spend more than an hour keeping it clean either, as all it takes is 1 min. making the bed and 5 min. washing pots.

The main trick is not to put anything down -- instead I put things AWAY, where they are supposed to go. The way I go wrong is by just throwing things on the counter, floor, table, bed, hanging them on a doorknob, tossing them in the bathtub (great clothes hamper), etc. Every time I go to do that, I check myself. Another case of cognitive behavioral therapy working, BTW: change your thoughts, change you life. I've used it to alleviate my mood and lose weight, now using it keep tidy!