May 28th, 2008



Wearing my smoking-hot new dress today. I think it gives me the best figure / cleavage ever. I mean, Jane Mansfield quality. I love it. Wearing a semi-sheer lace cardigan over it to avoid getting an R-rating, so to speak, but even with that, it's a very flattering look. And size 12!

Also, I know my looks must be improving because today I got this from the bus driver: "Excuse me, are you from Germany... or Russia?" *grin* I used to get that all the time, until I got a little too lumpy and dumpy. LOL.

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I think these pics I took of myself epitomize "zaftig." Yet, I think they also show my weight loss. I will try to get *someone else* to take pics soon, including ones of me in pants and also with better hair. (I was having a bad hair today.)

Now you know what it's like to be me. Kind of!

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On a related note, my sister Carolyn told me a story recently about how even though my Oma (grandma) was always all about protecting one's virtue and being a prude, she was always stressing the virtue of showing off one's assets, in particular one's rack. She would apparently encourage Carolyn to wear nice, low-cut sweater tops. My mom, too! LOL. Oma never lived to see my boobs or what I do with them, alas.