May 31st, 2008


Swinging Saturday

I love Bachelor Pad music, especially when it's covers of pop songs. Usually they're old ones. But this bit on Illinois Street Lounge*... LOL. A lounge version of "Loser" by Beck! Price-less! "Getting CRAZY with the Cheez-Wiz!"

And now a swinging / tripped-out instrumental version of "Hey Jude."

I love this stuff.

* Streaming off the web or available via iTunes Radio under "Eclectic."
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Attack of the Girlies

Had a bit of a Girl's Day Out today. Went to Atlantic Station and went shopping for bras, lipstick and shoes. Got all three!

As usual, Dillard's impressed me as being the best place to find "full-busted" bras ever and for having excellent customer service. Found exactly what I was looking for, a couple of bras that are cut lower and will work with the dress I just got, plus the dress I want to wear to the wedding just 'round the corner.

I guess the thought of the wedding inspired the lipstick as well. I saw the Mac counter at Dillard's and realized my amazing Ruby Woo stick is basically dead, so I got a replacement to start using right away. It is the nicest stuff, matte and very dry so it doesn't smear at all. And it's very red.

After that I had a nice dinner over at Bonehead's -- two skewers of spicy grilled shrimp, rice and cole slaw, plus a cold Peroni. Yum! I must say, it was quite a value meal, as you get an awful lot of delicious shrimp.

I was nearby DSW at that point and decided to see if, perchance, they actually sell 11's now. It used to be that I'd go in there and not find a single pair of 11's among the "10,000 pairs" on offer. Well, they have changed and I was pleasantly surprised. Was looking for dressy sandals or sling-back shoes, since I don't have any real "summer" dress shoes and the dress shoes I do have will gouge my feet. I tried on about 10 pairs and picked a pair of inexpensive black strappy heeled sandals. The heels are reasonable, there's no way they can cut up my feet (a key consideration), they have rhinestones (whoo!) and they manage to make my veiny, boney feet look attractive.

Anyway, I am all girled out now and will spend the night home, possibly eating chocolate and watching a sappy movie.