June 1st, 2008

Happy Face

Sunday in Decatur

I just had a nice little trip to Decatur. If I were to move to any other part* of Atlanta, I would likely pick Decatur, because it's so convenient to MARTA, has lovely shops and restaurants, folks are nice, and it's wicked close to Emory. Oh, and it's full of queers :)

I went out to check out the Downtown Decatur Market, a couple of blocks from the MARTA station, but as it turns out, there wasn't anything really of interest to me there. The farmers market portion of it is what I was there for and apparently that's only Saturday. The arts and crafts and jewelry vendors were nice but not something I need to look at. I did spend time visiting dogs and cats from a local animal rescue group. There was this beautiful male cat who looked an awful lot like Luckie.

Afterward I was really hot (ugh, pavement!) and dropped by one of the best coffeehouses in the whole Atlanta area, Java Monkey. So I was in iced coffee bliss and sat down to do some crossword puzzles out of my NYT Sunday puzzle book. After a few minutes it happened that a coworker from Emory (our Mac tech), plus his lovely wife and young kid, walked in and sat down by me. We struck up a conversation. I like both of them a lot; we talked about computers and books and other nerdy things. I was really glad to run into somebody.

Java Monkey is right next door to one of my favorite shops (yes, Decatur is grand!), Mingei Imports, so I went in there to check out their stuff. They sell amazing stuff, a lot of it handmade by coops in developing countries, plus a lot of old antiques, hand-picked from various places around the world. It's not one of those annoying Pier One yuppy type places, but somewhere where everything is genuine, the store owner knows exactly where the stuff comes from (since they personally met the makers), there are tags on everything so you know who made stuff and what it is, etc. I always find wonderful things there. I can't always afford what I want but I buy small things. Today I got a couple of soaps from Afghanistan, actually Kandahar. One of them's for Storm, the other's for me. One of my fav things they had today were all these baskets woven out of those silver liners you see inside snack packages. They're made by people in some very isolated area of Nepal. Really nifty. As usual I wound up in an extended conversation with the shop keeper, who showed me all these wooden toys and got to talking to me about soap makers.

So all in all, it was a nice afternoon, a good break. Now I need to do some client work but I did want to get out of the house so I wouldn't feel like I'd wasted a nice day inside.

* For accuracy's sake and terrancique's, I will clarify by saying Decatur is a separate city and not "part" of Atlanta. It is adjacent to Atlanta, however, and closer to me than many actual parts of Atlanta.