June 2nd, 2008

Smiley Dorothy


So for the past week I've stopped logging my food, but apparently I've done a good job keeping on track with calories and serving size, because I got good news.

Officially I have only 6 more lbs. to 'til I reach the goal I set out for. This is by FAR the most weight I've ever lost and yet it was the easiest regimen, plus I think it's taught me a lot of life-long skills as far as eating. Yay.
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The Moooooovies

Having accomplished quite a lot on my To Do list already, a diversion:

1. One Movie that Made you Laugh: Borat. So hard I hurt myself.

2. One Movie that Made you cry: Homeward Bound. B/c the dog looks exactly like Taffy.

3. One Movie that you loved when you were a child: Wizard of Oz. (Still my favorite movie.)

4. One Movie that you've seen more than once: Lawrence of Arabia. Other movies I've watched over and over: The Third Man, Close Encounters, Annie Hall, Radio Days, LotR, Wings of Desire.

5. One Movie you loved but were embarrassed to admit it: Transformers. (Although I was NOT embarrassed, I'm supposed to be, right?)

6. One Movie that you hated: One Hour Photo. (Well done, but it made me VERY uncomfortable.)

7. One Movie that Scared You: The Descent

8. One Movie that bored you: The Polar Express. (Boring AND creepy!)

9. One Movie that bored you but everyone loves but you don’t see why: Spiderman.

10. One Movie that made you miserable: Dancer in the Dark. (Also, HATED IT.)

11. One Movie that you weren't brave enough to see: Fahrenheit 9/11. (And now watching it would be way way way too depressing.)

12. One Movie character that you've fallen in love with: That lady in Chocolat. Oooooh!

13. The Last Movie you saw at home: Boys Don't Cry

14. The Next Movie you hope to see: Indiana Jones, Iron Man or Prince Caspian.

15. Your Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz.

Speaking in Tongues

From mondaysabitch:

1) What languages can you speak other than your native language?

German. I've also studied Russian and Latin and, to a much lesser extent, French. Although I'm told I speak French with a German accent.

2) Which languages would you like to learn?

French, mostly because I see Montreal as a great place to move to one day. Spanish also. I did start doing an online course and found I knew a lot more than I thought I did. It seems pretty logical.

3) What is your favorite thing to say in another language?

I continue to think Nacktschecke is one of the funniest words ever. It's German for slug and literally means "naked snail." Come on, is that not hilarious?

4) Could you be an interpreter at the United Nations?

I could do interpretative dance there, but otherwise, no. Actually when I started college one of my aims was a double-minor in German and Russian, plus a translation certificate, because indeed I wanted to do that kind of work. I bailed on the plan, although I do have a minor in German.

5) When you get nervous, do you babble?

Is the earth round? Do fish swim? Hell, yeah. I don't need to be nervous either.
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