June 5th, 2008

Pigs and Cat

Weeding Wackiness

Just to add to my quirky hobbies, I've take up weeding. Not going out and weeding the garden (wait, what garden?), but collecting weeds around town (parks and vacant lots and such) for Abbie and YinYang. Normally they get greens from the supermarket or farmer's market and hay from the pet store, but now that it's summer and there are weeds and greenery bursting out all over, I figure why not take what I can get for free?

They love wild stuff more than anything else. So I grab crab grass, monkey grass, wild wheat and other grains, clover, dandelions, ferns, and yay, kudzu. They love kudzu, actually. Today I got stuff from the park by my work and then from this weed patch along DeKalb Ave. The critters are going nuts for it, dancing and fighting and gobbling up each portion I give them like the little green-eating machines they are. Num num num numnumnumnum. It's quite impressive how well they manage considering they don't use their paws, just position their mouths and tractor-beam everything in.

Meanwhile, as usual, Luckie finds the stuff irresistible. I mean, she hops in the cage and steals the stuff right out of the pigs' mouths! And bullies YinYang away form the bowl. When YinYang bullies her way back, Luckie looks for more food in the hay rack. Then she jumps out and sticks her head in the weed bag, where she pulls out more weeds. Luckie has a huge thing for greens. The good news is that she never pukes, so it must just settle her stomach or give her some nutrients or other she needs. She ate kudzu yesterday and today she was going after monkey grass and wheat. This is what happens when you raise a cat, from kittenhood, among rodents?