June 6th, 2008



I read this and went, "Wait, that isn't nearly subtle enough to be real!"

City’s Top Crane Inspector Is Arrested

So all those construction cranes in NYC keep crashing. It could be because the people doing them are fools who only got their license because they bribed the crane inspector. Actually this particular inspect was in charge of another type of crane, not the super huge ones that've been in the news, but still, it's presumedly a symptom of a larger problem.

Meanwhile, in case anybody wonders why I even care, since I don't live in NYC, well, it's because I too live in a city with a ton of cranes and the idea of them falling makes me shake in my sandals. In some areas of town there are 6-7 cranes just within a couple of blocks. (Think of those shots of Berlin from a few years back.) You don't SEE them yet they are there.