June 9th, 2008


Box of Luckie

Ever since I put a shoebox next to my desk, actually filled with some papers to file, Luckie has taken up residence. Bigger cats would despair of fitting into this box but Luckie manages nicely. She actually curls on her side sometimes and becomes box-shaped. I find it very cute how she's wedged in there.

Luckie's fav spots for sleeping, besides the box, are "her" spot on my bed, plus the armchair and sofa in the living room. Usually when I come home from work she's sprawled out right in the middle of the sofa (see icon), on the crack between the two cushions. She kind of becomes one with it.
Yip Yips

From mondaysabitch

And might I add, Monday IS a bitch today.

1. Have you ever been in a car accident?
No. Well, one time my sister Carolyn mildly rear-ended somebody, but otherwise, no.

2. What's the longest road trip you've ever taken?
My parents and I drove from Andover, Mass. to Whitney, Ontario, several times for summer camping trips. 13 hrs. each way. Not long by some people's standards, but long enough for mine. A longer trip, while not quite a road trip, was the time I road Greyhound from Boston to Atlanta. Which took 21 hrs. and which I would decidedly NOT recommend.

3. What's the best song to cruise to?
German electronica. Or Depeche Mode, esp. Music for the Masses.

4. What's your dream car?
High-speed rail for distance, light-rail for local.

5. What's your favourite movie about cars?
Hmm. The Inlaws includes Peter Falk telling that joke about the guy painting an "S" on the roof of his car and THAT is a funny movie. Movies about cars though? I can't think of any besides Herbie, Christine and Cars.

Shat in the news

I love Shatner bringing up Greek drama in the context of Star Trek.

Shatner on 'Trek': 'You know, that's rather good'

EDIT: Ooh, and another one, also from CNN: The pleasure of being William Shatner. Include this bit:

Things William Alan Shatner has done that you haven't:
  • Released a live lemur from a baby carriage to help three women book cheaper travel online.
  • Broken up a road-rage argument on a Los Angeles street on his way to the Academy Awards.
  • Portrayed himself as a pickled severed head in "Futurama."
  • Lent his face to psychopath Michael Myers of the original "Halloween," whose producers bought a Captain Kirk mask and painted it white.
  • Cracked a fart joke in a "Star Trek" movie.
  • Simulated copulation with a Candice Bergen doll on prime-time network TV.

Writer's Block: Irksome Films

Talk about the movie that you love to hate the most, and why.

Independence Day, War of the Worlds (Cruise version), and The Day After Tomorrow are both terribly overblown, schlocky, pompous, flag-waving, logic-leaping summer movies, but I just love seeing the destruction of cities -- by nature, by aliens -- so much, I cannot hate them totally. Hell, Caleb told me Day After Tomorrow wasn't as bad as he expected and as soon as we watched it on DVD together, we both agreed it because of all the awesome destruction. There is something so cool about seeing monuments go under water, get exploded, topple over. We all know it's horrific in real life, but OMG, in movie it is the biggest rush and I always applaud. Because I have a death wish for civilization? Dunno.

I'm not mentioning all the awful camp movies, SF movies, etc., I love, because the fact they're bad is just implicit in the enjoyment.