June 10th, 2008


Why I love the USPS

People are always knocking the postal service, but DUDE! It is SO much cheaper than commercial alternatives, not to mention way cheaper and more reliable than any national postal service I know of.

Case in point: I have a package I need to mail to Storm. I was going to take it with me to London and mail it from there via Royal Mail up to Stafford. But I was going to the post office anyway so I had them calculate the postage. $40! This is for a 6-lb. package, regular shipping.

Hmmm. I decided to carry it to London.

But then I thought, wonder what commercial services charge? Went to the FedEx and UPS web sites and used their calculators. Both of them would ship for around $140 at the cheapest. Not express or anything, just for sending it regular. WTF? Even though I'm not using USPS, that $100 price gap is damn impressive.

I'm just putting the package in my backpack (though I will need to unpack it so customs can go through) and putting myself at the mercy of RM. It must be less than $40, even in England, where everything costs an arm and a leg. Just checked and it's just £4.20 (about $8) to send that way. Phew!

EDIT: Argh, and now thinking of England has caused me to crave thick-cut marmalade. I used up mine recently. Maybe I can make oatcakes for dinner?
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Writer's Block: What Makes Your Friendship Work?

What admirable qualities attract you to your friends? What glues your relationships together?

My good friends are those who don't view "weird" as an insulting, pejorative term, but a term of quality and affection and even attraction for the people and things one likes, thinks, does, etc. Being a slave to the normal? Ragging on things that don't meet that criteria? Afraid of weird stuff? I might be able to get along with you, but not sure I could ever trust you completely ;)