June 15th, 2008


The Ubiquitous Hulk

OMG, stop it already with ads for The Hulk invading every corner of the universe. Web sites, store displays, billboards, magazine covers, buses... This disturbing image of testosterone (and gamma ray) fueled rage is everywhere! You know it's bad when I'm thinking, "Man, bring back Shrek."
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Happy Birthday, Luckie!

In celebration of Luckie Darling's* birthday** -- she's three! -- here are some previously unshared pics from a little photo shoot I did back in April. As I've said before, she is such a good model, I hardly have to work at getting shots.

Black, cream, gray, brown, rust, pink, green...

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* As always, it amuses me that this is Luckie's actual name, as registered with the vet.
** As estimated by the vet I took her to after rescuing.