June 16th, 2008

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Despite the fact it's ending with a huge headache (literally), this weekend was pretty decent.

Friday night -- Caleb and I met up and went to Atlantic station for dinner and a look at the just-opened-that-day H&M. Afterward I watched Manhattan, which I'd never seen before, oddly.

Saturday -- Worked on big Metro Girl job, redo of Tom Haney's web site (see here!), did a lot of crosswords, dinner at Caleb's, watched bits of Last Crusade, got annoyed with mini-Freaknik outside my window.

Sunday -- Got up early, made pancakes, started packing for trip, hung out with Amanda, got pet supplies in advance of trip, took a long nap, did more crosswords.

I've had a headache since about 9 this morning. I've beat it down a few times, like during the couple hours I was with Amanda, but it keeps coming back. I've also felt inexplicably depressed several times today, so I think it's some chemical thing, which hopefully will resolve itself.

We will be so well-traveled

I was printing out our travel info and realized that we'll be traveling on three airlines -- AirTran (Atlanta-Newark), Lufthansa (Newark-Dusseldorf-London), and British Airways (London-Berlin) -- plus Deutsche Bahn. And London Transit and the Berlin and Dusseldorf transit systems. I think we should rent bikes and pogo sticks just be more extreme.
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On Rations

The combo of suddenly being on a budget and then also being about to leave town has got me living off whatever's in the house, as far as dinner goes. Mostly I've eaten a lot of roast root vegetables, like yams, potatoes, carrots. I've also had a lot of toast and jam and, ooh, tonight, roast avocado mash broiled on rolls. I've also been eating impromptu trail mix (peanuts and raisins), a couple kinds of Norwegian crisp breads and, the other day for breakfast/lunch, pancakes. There really isn't much left, so tomorrow it's probably pasta with something or other on top. Right now there are a couple of yams roasting in the oven, as the avocado thing didn't quite sate me and I won't be able to sleep on a rumbly stomach. For breakfast I have some more rolls in the freezer and some tasty rhubarb and strawberry jam made by monks in Massachusetts. Then at work I'll drink a bunch of Diet Coke and coffee. Going out to lunch with a friend I found out also works at Emory, we'll find someplace nearby and I'll pick something cheap and tasty.
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